Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Cab Ride and Hospital Footage

Left Video-A usual cab ride-Lee having a religious discussion with the cabi
Right Video-Are we in Peru or in the US?? America at it's finest,HAHA

Left Video-Area around our house and one of the grocery stores we frequent (Like WalMart) Right Video-The beginning of our Cab Ride

The hospital triage area


Summer said...

Wow! A lot of posts today. Here's my commentary:
1. We are continuing to pray for the school decision, and I think keeping the kids at home during this transition time is a great idea!

2. The bird video was hilarious! I love that you told Maddox not to yell right before you started screaming yourself and made him cry. Classic.

3. Sorry about your broken toe.


4. Your video in the car made me carsick while seated on my couch. I am glad to see you have a Starbucks though.

5. We love you!

Amanda said...

Dont you just LOOOOVE that we have a SBux?! I kept teasing everyone in the states, when they would ask, "What are you going to do without Starbucks?" and I would respond, "They HAVE one! Do you think I would be going if they didnt?!" :)

So glad to be able to keep up with you guys! Even though you are right around the corner! Its fun to see all of the "usual" places in your pictures and videos!

Praying for your foot!