Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goings-on in Lima

Our blog helps us so much in being able to stay in touch with you all and to keep you up-to-date on our lives and work. I have many times thought about missionaries a few years back that did not have the luxury of the internet and email in order to stay in touch. My hat is off to those amazing guys and gals, but I'm also so thankful to be able to sit here and type this post knowing that as soon as I click "publish" it will be out there for all the interested parties to see.

So, here ya go...In addition to still moving in and purchasing all the things we had to sell before we moved here, this is what's been going on as we concentrate more and more on ministry opportunities.
  • We continue to meet people left and right! Lee has an appointment set up with a guy to continue a previous conversation and we've already been blessed with three people that have said they want to be a part of what we're hoping God will do through our team.
  • We recently met a sweet family, Regis and Luz. They are wonderful people, with grand-kids spread out across different continents, that will be coming over to our home next week for a Christmas dinner. We can't wait!
  • Lee will be going to Ricardo Palma University and the University of Lima next week to get the ball rolling for what he terms a "cooler ministry." His hope is to pass out drinks (Inca Cola-a national obsession here) and start up as many conversations and make as many contacts as possible.
  • Our family plans to make a huge batch of cookies soon for some construction workers that are working on a new apartment building by our home. Their routine is to nap during their lunch hour in the park across the street, so we hope to bless them one day directly in the "sweet tooth!" Nevermind the fact that they'll have a blast with Sofia and Maddox.
  • Our team is discussing what this coming summer will look like, hoping that a medical mission or some other type of short-term effort can be mobilized by our state-side supports. Be praying about possibly being a part of this if you feel God nudging you this way.
  • Stephanie had two of our neighbors over yesterday for home-made pecan pie. They are wonderfully sweet people and have offered to introduce us to the rest of the neighbors. They know most all of them since they've lived in the same house for about 30 years!
  • Lee continues to play soccer on Monday nights with the other guys on the team and will hopefully get involved soon in an American football game at the US Embassy. These sporting times have consistently proven to be great times to meet people and build relationships.
  • Our family is hoping to visit an orphanage in the coming weeks in order to work together as a family. This orphanage has a wonderful story and right now has over 700 kids living there.
  • We've also got a Christmas project in the works which we are hopeful will touch a lot of lives (especially younger ones). We'll keep you posted.
Please, please ask God to bless these efforts as He deems appropriate or to scrap them all and to lead us to where He'd have us to go. These are simply our feeble efforts that we pray God will use mightily in Peru.

Early Merry Christmas, dear friends. Thank you for loving us enough to follow our story.


Vanessa said...

I am also SO thankful that we have the Internet to be able to keep up with what yall are doing! We read the blog to the kids too...we love the pictures, videos, & stories!!! You're off to a fantastic start! I know it's not easy....
We love you guys!!!!

Summer said...

Praying for all of your ventures in Peru! Love you guys!

bnutt said...

It sounds like the plans you have are doing the things you guys do best...making people feel loved. We will be thinking about all your efforts. We love you and miss you!