Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lee and Sofia's New Favorite Activity

Lee took Sofia on a bike ride to the store the other day and she has wanted to do this everyday since then. It is the funniest thing I've ever seen (although not as funny as the bike ride Lee and I took to the store with me on the seat and him pedaling, NEVER again.) I took some pictures of them going to the store a little while ago and thought I would share.


Anonymous said...

Cute. Where's Lee's helmet? ;)

Love ya!


Ann said...

Love it!

Olivia said...

Seriously, you guys make me laugh. I am so glad you can laugh and be silly. I can't wait for your next post about things we didn't know about Peru. And yes, the Wii boxing is a killer, I was sore the next day and have never played boxing since.

Holly said...

Love it!!! Wish I had a backpack like that for Boone, oh wait, he'd be too heavy we'd dump over:) I tried to call about 5 times yesterday at random times throughout the day and kept getting 5 rings and a busy signal. We got home late last night so I'll try Skype today. Love you guys!!!!!

Hannah said...

good thing sofia is so small!!