Saturday, January 02, 2010

Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year

Sorry this is just a tad bit late but we wanted to be able to show pictures of our Christmas and New Years so it took a little while to post it all.

Our Christmas season was filled with new traditions, lots of fun, new friends, teammates, parties, LOTS of food and SO many blessings.

Our neighbors on both sides of us came by and brought us goodies, one of our teammates mom brought us a suitcase full of goodies (thanks Terry and mom for running around with your head cut off that last day) and we are still receiving packages from friends and family. We have really had a wonderful Christmas even though we really missed being with our family.

We had a fun Christmas party with our teammates, started a Christmas Eve tradition that Lee will put up on a later post, had a Peruvian couple over for dinner, spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with our teammate Mark (it was a blast and we loved having him be a part of our family) and ended Christmas day by having all our teammates and their kids over for a Christmas movie, popcorn and hot chocolate (oh wait I forgot we skipped the hot chocolate cause it was starting to make a mess.)

Sofia and Maddox had a blast coming down on Christmas morning and you can see their faces on the video below. Santa brought Sofia a Dorothy doll and picnic tea party set and Maddox a scooter and Spiderman. It was so fun watching them open up their gifts and also to watch Mark see the "surprise" gifts his parents had sent him for Christmas. I cooked a huge breakfast that morning and won't EVER be doing that again because I had about 4 hours of sleep. I guess it was all worth it to have some of the same traditional foods that our families ate (mom, I don't know how you did it all those years, your a cookin machine! I have much more respect for you after my first Christmas alone.)

Our New Years Eve party was relaxed with our teammates (the Thompson's) coming over for pizza and hanging out till about 9. Lee and I then watched a movie and rung in the New Year watching Dick Clark on our computer. New Years day we went to the beach and played in the sand. The water was freezing but those Peruvians were out there swimming in it. We finished our first day of the new year eating at Chilis and it was a great day.

Here are some pictures of our festivities:

Sorry this video is a little long but bear with us, this was more for the grandparents

Sofia with her new jersey she got from her daddyMaddox-our silly boy

Liam was spent after opening both his gifts!

Sofia as usual, being the best big sister ever

Sofia and Maddox's Tio Mark
I had to put a picture up of the food I made because this will be the last time it happens-
just kidding
We called our parents on the computer to open our gifts with them-technology is amazing

I know it's a blurry picture but you can just see the smile on Sofia's face-priceless
Christmas Eve Lunch at the Yoakum's- Stacy made an awesome table

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