Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sofia Says It All

Every night (ok, well most nights) I write Sofia's and Maddox's prayers in a prayer journal as well as what they are thankful for. I decided to do this because some nights their prayers or things they were thankful for were priceless and when I wanted to share what they said I would totally forget. Plus I thought it would be neat for them to look back one day and see how their prayers evolved.

Well today after Sofia said something hilarious in the car, I decided to share a few of her quotes and prayers.

1. Today after church Sofia had to go tee-tee so bad and when she has to go she has to go. So in Peru you can't just pull over and cop-a-squat like we would do in the states (not everywhere, I know) or run into a gas station. We drove around quickly and found a gas station that actually had a bathroom and when Sofia got back to the car, this is what she said:
"Mom, that bathroom was CLEAN, it also had a toilet seat (and this last one she said with such joy and excitement in her voice) and they EVEN HAD TOILET PAPER!!!"
That just says it all about how things have changed for us. If you don't bring your own toilet paper in the bathrooms here your out of luck and usually there are no seats on the potty.

2. This was part of her prayer the other night
"I'm sorry you died on the cross and got a nail in your hand... but your alive now" If you guys could have only heard how matter-of-fact that was...
Another line from a prayer from the second week we were here:
"I pray for you God and all the people and I wanted to talk to them in Spanish... but I don't know Spanish" Once again very matter-of-fact.

3. Ok, last quote and this was when we were writing down all the things she was thankful for. She was having a hard time coming up with any this particular night and she just looked at me and threw her hands up and said "MOM, I don't know any more, I took out my mind and now it's on the page!!!'

So, these might not be quite as funny as what Lee and I thought but man we sure had a good laugh. She has such a precious heart and I love hearing her talk to God so freely and uninhibited. I'm surprised she hasn't asked God to not make her go to school, haha.


Holly said...

Oh, those are so sweet (and funny). What a great idea to write that stuff down. I always mean too and never get to it. It will be such a priceless memory. Love to you all!!

Allison said...

Those were just as funny to me as they were to you and Lee! I love that kid! She is so sweet and I miss her so much!

Larissa Smith said...

I love this idea! Shaye's prayers tend to include whatever is in her line of sight right now, so we get some thank-you's for the fly on the wall, the people outside, or the salt and pepper on the table. It's so sweet to watch how their hearts take in and respond to their world.

Lauren said...

I desire Sofia's uninhibited faith!! What precious prayers :) Know you are all in my prayers.