Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brief Update

I'm really sorry that it has been a while since I've posted but life just kind of caught up with us. I think SO much has happened in the past week in a half that it became overwhelming to think about posting each time. So in order not get myself worked up, I'm just going to give you all a brief update.

Everyone is doing really good. Probably the most exciting news we have is that my mom is coming on TUESDAY!!! We are pumped and looking forward to having her be a part of our lives here for 10 days.

Sofia is doing really well and actually had her first "playdate" on Friday. After about 20 minutes the little girl said she was bored so I guess were going to have to work on the whole "learning the language thing" but we ended up having a great time. Sofia is taking ballet and works with a Spanish girl twice a week on her language learning. She is really doing awesome and her generous heart comes out more and more each day. She just went through all her toys and clothes and picked out a bunch of stuff to give to a little girl who's mom asked me for hand-me-downs. I was very impressed at how unselfish Sofia was.

Maddox is slowly getting over a VERY rough stage. The poor boy came to a new country, couldn't communicate and became the middle child in a really short period of time. That being said he has been trying to find his place in our family in a (how do I put this gently???) negative attention-getting way. Anyway, he is doing a lot better and all I can say is that it's a good thing he is funny and cute or I might have packed him in a box and sent him to the post office (you have all seen what a box can look like by the time it got to the US.) On a positive note he is really picking up Spanish. Just about everyday I hear him talking to Meche (the lady who helps us) or just anyone he can find and literally says several words to them in Spanish. It's amazing how much they pick up. Wish that was the case for me, haha.

Liam is about to turn 4 months old and I can't believe it. He is doing AWESOME and is a wonderful baby. The pediatrician said he is"valiant" because he never shed a tear when he got his shot. He is valiant, I have to agree. I love him to death and still am in awe at the miracle that he is. He sleeps great, eats great and is starting to really talk, i.e. "goo-goo." He's waiting till Nana gets here to eat his first fruit, yeah!

Lee is doing an incredible job juggling so much! Watching him go out each day and love on people, serve them, teach them and just be a man of God makes me fall in love with him all over again. He is seriously doing an amazing job connecting with people, not letting fear hinder him from talking to every cab driver, shop attendant and really anyone on the street. Yesterday he went to go visit an orphanage for children with AIDS and hopefully we will be able to help in any way we can. He has been getting together with several guys who are hungry to hear more about why we are here, helping head-up our non-profit organization with the government here, starting to make plans for the resource center that he has been dreaming about for a while, co-leading our Sunday morning worship with Peruvians, playing soccer with some guys on Monday nights, helping head up our first medical mission trip this summer and most importantly gets to be with God each day in an intimate way by serving His people. He is also doing a great job helping me juggle 3 kiddos and being an incredible husband as always.

I'm doing good but I will be honest and say that I AM TIRED. My thyroid has been going a little crazy so in turn I'm going bald and having major heat flashes and feel so irritable. So how is THAT for being honest. Besides that though, I'm starting to get in the groove of things here. I have a tutor twice a week in Spanish and my tutor is great. We had her and her husband over for dinner and it was great getting to know them better. I started working-out at a Gold's Gym and it feels so good to workout after such a LONG break. The whole gym experience needs to be a blog post by itself but just for time sake lets just put it this way: I should have NEVER entered the dance class, I am the ONLY one that does not wear spandex and makeup (well my teammate Alison doesn't either) and well I feel like everything goes in fast forward (the music, the beats and every step.) It has been really good for me though. This coming Saturday I'm starting an exercise class in the park across from our house and I'm really excited. Church on Sundays has been going really well and I've especially loved getting to know the women better. On a daily basis I have "mommy school" to try and get the kiddos prepped for school in March. During the week I go to the grocery store A LOT, get with the girls for a bible study on Thursday nights, Team church on Wednesdays, have people over for dinner that we have met, have a friend Amanda over on Monday's while the boys are playing soccer and pretty much run around with my head cut off trying to figure out what everyone is saying to me.

Well I hope that gives you all a brief look into our lives. I have another picture that I will post this coming week that will once again give you a "visual" into what we get to see here. It's a beautiful place and we have loved exploring the restaurants, beaches and fun places.
Goodnight for now


Nana said...

I am sooo excited about being there!! But girl, I did not come to be killed at one of your EVERFIT classes in the great outdoors!! ha!ha! I might just need to be watching the children during that blissful hour! LOVE YOU!!

Nana said...

P.S. that would be HAND ME DOWNS! :-)) I just love you Steph!