Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Night Dance Party

Our family has had a BUSY week! It's been a great one but we haven't had much "quality family time." So... we decided to go to Chilis tonight and just came home to have a dance party. This video is a little long but I'm sure at least the grandparents will enjoy it :)
Here it is:


Nana said...

That was GREAT!! :-))) I can't wait to put my dancin' shoes on and join ya next week!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Loved the dance party. Made me miss ya'll even more!
2. Tonight at bedtime, we had the kids put their hands on your family picture and prayer for you and for your work in Peru. Precious.
3. I asked Ava if she had fun talking to Sofia yesterday and she said, "Yes but it made me sad too. I want to talk to her in real life!" I understand completely.
4. Are you trying to turn me into a vegetarian? If you post another nasty chicken/turkey photo, I promise you I will not be able to eat meat, especially poultry again for a long while. Seriously, you got cut that out!
5. I will skype soon and tell you more about the family and how to be praying for them. It's been tough.
Love you guys! Summer

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer: I'm obviously tired because there were typos throughout my previous comment. Sorry about that. Hope you figured out what I was trying to say.
BTW Steph, I know you don't usually check blogs, but look at mine because I posted some funny stuff that Ava has been writing lately, and things the kids have said. I think you would get a kick out of it since our kids are so similar in ages and personalities.

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhhhh! The video disappeared! When will it return? I was hoping to learn some new moves from Maddox! ;)

Much love,

Holly said...

Whoop whoop!!!

hannah said...

Best dance video I've seen- love it!!