Monday, January 18, 2010

Maddox's Prayer

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we have been having "Mom School" as you guys probably heard on Sofia's video. Anyway these days are dedicated to some learning activities and structured time since the kids aren't in school right now. As some of you might know this is NOT my gift. I'm not the most patient teacher so it's been a little challenging some days.

In the mornings we start off with personal quiet time with God. I do my Beth Moore study and the kids go to a separate room with their Bibles and make up stories from the pictures or just talk with God (thanks Holly for this idea.) For the most part the kids actually stay in their rooms and I hear them talking to God or talking about the pictures. This morning I was close enough to Maddox to hear what he was saying. He was having a really hard time "being" with God and wanted to play with the pillows and jump, so I told him to just lay on the pile of pillows and talk with God.
He ended up under the pile of pillows and this is word for word what he said:
"You see me? I never go. Do you see me? I'm hiding God, do you see me? I get mad and I go. You never go, I don't see you, you see me? I don't see you."

I sat there and just listened to his words. How funny that sometimes, with God- I hide, ask Him where he is or get mad and go. What 2 year olds can teach us sometimes.


julie said...

I love it! Maddox can be my teacher anyday!
Lucy is missing Maddox in the nursery.

Hope said...