Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our First Peruvian "Gathering" & Gringo Church

Peruvian Gathering:
Today our family and the Thompson family hosted our first "Peruvian Gathering." It was so exciting and absolutely a blast. We felt truly honored to have some of the people that we had met since our families had arrived in Peru to share a meal and talk about their interest in being part of a body of believers.

At the end all of the women that had come (which represented every family unit that had come this morning) were in the kitchen cleaning up and we asked them if they were interested in coming back on a regular basis... everyone of them said "yes."

We know we are going to go through a lot of ups and downs and we know we will live and learn during this process of letting God use us to build a self-sustaining body of believers here in Lima but this afternoon when the house was quiet and everyone had left I assure you our families relished in what God did the last four hours.

We shared a meal together, went around the table and got to know one another and then we talked more in depth about what our intentions were for moving to Peru and what we would like to see happen in the future as a church body. It was so neat to hear their input and just watch their faces.
Here are a few pictures of our time together:

We just got our table 2 days ago, what PERFECT timing. We were all able to fit around it
Lee-talking about what we would love for them to be a part of
The ladies
The Ladies-after I told them we should take a "crazy" picture (obviously my Spanish is still hurting, haha)
The best ministry tool EVER- The wii

Gringo Church
Wednesday nights our team has been having "gringo church" in order to share communion together and have some much needed worship time with ourselves and the kids.
We start out with singing with the kiddos then have "story time" for the kids but all together, have communion together and then the kids go and have a special craft time while the adults share together. It's worked out really well and our kids cherish that time.
Here are some pictures of our time together:
Kellan after "fishing" for the loaves and fish
Parker peeking to see what's going on behind the curtain
Alison telling the story of the Jesus feeding the 5000
Communion together
Our Communion bread and juice (you make do with what you have:)
Our adult worship time
The kids craft time
I hope all these pictures and these posts help all of you "picture" a little of our life in Peru. We truly want to make all of you as much a part of our work as we can. If I can get my act together I hope to share pictures every week that will give you a glimpse of what our daily life is like or what we see on a daily basis. I'm sure some of these will be humorous and some not so but again I hope it gives you more of an idea.
Thank you for your support, your prayers, your letters, emails, packages and most importantly your friendship.


Holly said...

I love the smiles on the Peruvians faces! I know they are falling in love with you guys already. I can't wait to hear the stories of transformation to Jesus as you study and pray with them. Go Team Lima!!!!

Amanda said...

Ok...Your face cracks me up in the first picture. You are OBVIOUSLY way excited about the meeting :)

I know this was a HUGE step for you guys and Im sure you were so blessed after having worked for so long to all get in one place, and envisioning this first night. CONGRATS and Glory to God!

LOVE the Gringo night :) The kids look like they had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Lee and Stephanie,
I LOVE your blog. I don't write you comments or anything but I love to read it because it's the next best thing to going to see you in Peru. It's very helpfull to picture what your life is like and the adjustements you have to make in this new country. Love the pictures, and videos also. Stephanie I love how you open your heart and tell us how you feel.. :-) . This helps me pray for you and your work. Keep up the good work and may God bless you. Fredy G

Vanessa said...

LOVE this post, too! You are laying the groundwork......planting seeds.......cannot wait to see what becomes of it!