Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Living in Lima almost 8 weeks I thought I would share some parts about this culture that I didn't know. Now, obviously some of them I already knew about but in order for the picture to make the post it had to be "something I didn't know." I'm sure I will be adding on some more things later as I am continually learning new things about this awesome culture. Some days I get frustrated (like when I'm driving) and some days I feel like I should have been born here. Well anyway, with no further ado (is that how you spell that?) Here are the pics:

I didn't know that every house here had either jail bars or huge walls that are suppose to be impenetrable, oh and we have 13 keys to our house.

I didn't know that "fashion" here would take on a whole new meaning. Oh and I LOVE it.
I didn't know that I would love to take my kids to "Dunkin Donuts" simply because it's familiar

I didn't know that when we received our packages that they would look like they had been on the movie "Castaway". Seriously, how much more tape could they have added to it?

I didn't know that our feet would be permanently black when walking around our HOME

Above are Stephanie's and Maddox's and below are Sofia and Maddox

I didn't know that our first month would include the five of us being jammed into the back of a cab (thanks Hope for capturing what I truly felt about those cab rides, HA)

I didn't know that when we purchased Maddox's "Santa" gift that 3 days later it would lose every limb except for one leg! The only thing he wanted for Christmas was Spiderman so we finally found one that didn't cost about $50 and what do we get? The most broke-down Spiderman EVER! Poor Maddox and poor Spiderman

I didn't know that when I took my kids to the beach that I would have to dodge the couples making out on the beach and the 30 vendors trying to sell me everything from food to swimsuits. This picture perfectly depicts our beach day- a vendor selling stale sweet bread and the couple next to us that I had to shield my kids from watching

I didn't know that we could take our family pictures at the beach the day after Christmas, so warm!
I didn't know that I would come home to my son with a wet paper on his forehead because they say it gets rid of hiccups. I LOVE their ways, so simple

I didn't know that on the same strip of road I would see a HUGE mansion and right next to it homes that.... well I'll let the picture speak for itself

I didn't know that my heart would break every time I saw a child looking through dirt for food and that my son would look at her and say "mommy, that little girl needs a toy."

I didn't know that I would fall in love with this great big city and most of all the people so quickly.

From a girl who has a lot to learn,



Anonymous said...

What a sweet/ funny post, Steph. We are praying with you and for you as continue to open yourselves up to the people of Peru. You are loved, black feet and all!

(P.S. So sorry about Maddox's spider man. That's so sad for him. Does he need a new spider man mailed to Peru? )

Amanda said...

We can relate to all (well MOST) of your "Didn't Knows". We have yet to experience THAT on the beach, but have had several "hide your eyes" moments in the local parks :)

I adore the pic of Sofia and Maddox with the donuts. Hilarious!

FUN POST!!! I might borrow this idea one day if you don't mind!

Let's get together SOON! We are feeling MUCH better!

The Watsons said...

What a precious post! I hope yalls time there is truly soooo blessed! I liked seeing the funny side of you and the tender side. :) Blessings on yall as you serve Him in Peru. God has to have great things instore for your family there and I can't wait to hear more.

Olivia said...

Yeah! I was waiting for this post. I love it! You should re-visit the topic later so we can see all the new things you didn't know.

jaime mcnab said...

I love it! Funny, truthful and sad all wrapped up in one! Would be happy to mail a new spiderman anything if you need us to! Great family photo, you guys look so happy! Thanks for sharing, cant wait until the next post!

Holly said...

This was my favorite post yet. Poor Maddox. Ya'lls feet are gross. Seriously, donuts for your kids? How often?:) Please tell me you gave that girl some food! At least share your donuts:) Love and miss you!

Aunt Nat-Nat said...

My boy needs a new spiderman!!! Look for it in the mail!!

Ann Reese said...

I can't believe I'm just now seeing this post! I've been waiting for it! I'm with you...we do visit Mister Donut here much more frequently just because it is familiar! We also have about 13 keys to our house! Oh goodness. Thank you for sharing those things. I think of you all the time and pray for your work there, your family's adjustment, and your team that I love. Keep up the great posts! Love it!