Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Liam is 3 Months Old

Here are a few sweet pictures of Liams first Christmas and a video of him talking. He is a precious baby and LOVES his brother and sister. The minute Sofia comes to talk to him, he grins so big at her. He's cooing a lot and smiles a ton. He sleeps awesome at night and didn't even cry when he got his shot yesterday. The doctor kept saying he is valiant (I guess that's how it translates.) At his appointment yeserday he weighed 5.9 kilos which is 12.98 lbs and I would give you his other stats but I have no idea how to translate them.
Well that's little Liam, he's doing wonderful.
P.S. We sure did celebrate with a nice home-cooked meal and I made my first homemade apple pie, so fun!

Ok, so we need to work a little on his neck strength but isn't he cute?!?

I just loved this one even though it was a little blurry

I can already tell he's going to be a smooth talker like his brother Maddox

This just goes to show you how big this boy is-both of our other kids wore this outfit at Christmas and they were both born in MARCH!!

Could he be any cuter???


Nana said...

Oh how precious!! I can't WAIT to come!!

Andi said...

I'm gonna try to skype again tomorrow. AB

Andi said...

Don't know why that said Andi, this is Amy. Hmmmm maybe Andi was on my computer recently. It's Batch, not Brew.

The Watsons said...

Happy 3 months, Liam! You are so precious! Cute cute cute! Glad your brother and sister are being so sweet to you. Tell them to keep it up!

Holly said...

Happy 3 months Liam!!! We miss you so much!!! Make your mommy and daddy tell you about us all the time so that you'll know us in 5 years (hee, hee, hee:) LOVE you tons!!!