Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Video of Sofia

Sofia wanted to make a video to tell everyone hi in the US and this is what she did:

P.S. There was no prompting so obviously she didn't get to everyone and some things I would have liked to erase (like her comment on "mom school") but here is Sofia in all her glory. She's so cute.


Amanda said...

omg she is SO adorable!!! I love that she waited for the responses to her questions and can totally see her hosting a kid show someday :)

Summer said...

Dear Sofia,
We played with Boone yesterday. We miss you a lot. You're my best friend. And I know that you said, "Ava's my friend." I prayed and prayed for you. Today I took pictures with London and Emma and I was freezing outside. We played tea party there too when we took pictures. I really miss you.

Pierson says, "I don't want to talk to Sofia. I want Maddox." When I asked him what he wanted to say, he told me, "I wove you. And I have a baseball uniform. I took a nap really hard, and I want to see him."

We all miss and love you guys. It's missions month at Highland. I'm helping the kids make missions prayer calendars tonight in Bible Class with pictures of you in it! Let's skype again soon...

emily anna said...

Dear Sofia,
How are you doing in Peru? Is it fun there? Tomorrow I am going to school. Do you have any pets? I got a new cat.
I love you Sofia.
Love, Claire

dictated by Claire, typed by Mom.

PS tell your Mommy to send me your address! :)

Jenny Wilkinson said...

It's too bad she doesn't understand what you're saying. That could be a problem in the future.

megan said...

Adorable =)

Aunt Nat Nat said...

Oh, how I miss my Reece! My heart aches for you sweet girl!!