Saturday, February 06, 2010


This whole issue is brought up to me on a DAILY basis. It's been the bane of my existence since I've been here in Peru. I get asked every where I go " 3 kids? Seriously? Where's your nannies (plural.) I've mentioned this before in a earlier post that people here have an average of 1 1/2 kids. 3 kids and 3 so close in age is unheard of. My pediatrician (after I yelled at my kids for making too much noise in the waiting room) asked me why I didn't have a nanny and made it fairly clear it would be a good idea. My doctor (who has been helping control my thyroid) also asked me why I didn't have one. I thought to myself "is it the amount of kids I have or the way I act with my kids that is making everyone ask? Don't answer that!)

Anyway, the nanny thing is just not for me though on days in might be nice :) Well the other day at the park I finally "heard it all." A bunch of the nannies play with the kids at the park across from our house and we have gotten to know them. Well I was talking to one that Lee had met previously and who's dog Sofia LOVE's to play with. I asked her which kid was the one she watched and she just said "oh, just this dog." I looked at her for a second, went through my Spanish dictionary in my head and questioned her again. Her answer was the same. So then my question was "THIS DOG IS WHO YOU NANNY?" Oh and there was NO hiding the surprise in my voice. We talked about this for a while and I walked home saying to myself "where in the world am I, they have nannies for dogs!"

Well that's it, nothing else profound to say except when you think you've heard it or seen it all something will most likely surprise you around the corner. Love to all


Nana said...

Yep!! It's true!! I saw it with my very own two eyes! One nanny and a tiny dog....:-) I have enjoyed every minute of my time here!!! Lee and Stephanie know someone EVERYWHERE we go and the kids have made their mark on this big ole city! 5 more days!!

Alison said...

Ann said...

Hey, I finally got a few minutes to get to catch up on things....
1. Praying, praying for you and the school situation for your sweet kids. I totally feel you on this one and have shed/still shed some tears at times trying to figure out what is best for my kids in this similar situation. But my prayers are with you guys and I hope you find a good option soon!
2. Happy 4 month Birthday sweet Liam! He is precious! I can't wait to meet him someday!
3. Dogs have nannies? Wow.
4. Glad your mom is there--I'm loving having mine here. So maybe I had a little crying breakdown over a peanut butter sandwich today on my mom's good to have Moms around to pick you up when you are down. Even when you're 31! :) Give your mom a hug for me!
5. Miss you and pray for you often. You are an amazing mom, and you are smack dab in the middle of a difficult life change/decision making/culture/language etc....
Give yourself some grace. You are doing a great job, even on the days you don't feel like it. I totally wish I could be in your exercise class at the park or go do the dance class at the gym with you, reminds me of getting my tail kicked by you early early in the mornings a few times! And giggling with your mom while doing the exercise ball one morning as well! Love you so very much and am always here for you....and going through much the same thing and it gets pretty ugly sometimes :) ---but the change it coming...Oh Lord, please let it come! :) Talk to you soon!