Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our little girl is going to kindergarten

Really hard to believe.  March 15, 2005 really wasn't all that long ago.  We got to the hospital at 5:00am and welcomed Sofia into the world about 2 hours later.  As she grew, she took forever to learn to roll-over, sit up, crawl, and walk but was so advanced verbally that she was talking almost from the moment she arrived.  She had her heart surgery just over a year ago this month; and, in her almost 5 years of life, our little kindergartener has lived in 6 houses, 3 countries and on 2 continents.  Man, how fast things move along.
So, now its school. A school were most kids' first language is Spanish and one where she'll wear a uniform each day.  This is a school where we had to fill our two questioners (each 4 pages long), send Sofia through a 4.5 hour evaluation and where Stephanie and I had to go through a family interview.  All this, just to get her in the door.  While we're thankful this school take education very seriously, you can imagine what kind of change all this is when compared to our experiences in US public schools. 

We just found out yesterday, at 4:45 pm, that Sofa was accepted and school starts Monday at Colegio San Jorge, a bilingual, British school.  So between now and then, we've got much to do.  We were given a supplies list of things to purchase which was a single spaced, typed list on the front and part of the back of a piece of paper.  We've also got to track down some uniforms and help her come to terms with starting "big school" on Monday.  Her reaction thus far has been excitement (as she really is glad to be going) mixed with uncertainty.  Can't blame her.  I was the same.  Probably a lot more on the "uncertainty" side.  I cried and cried and cried when my parents left me at school.  Did this until I turned 16 (just kidding).  I'm praying its not the same with Sofia but, it very well be.  At least for a while.  We'd love your prayers for a comfortable start and transition through yet another big change for our little girl.

We'll post pictures of Sofia's first day but click here (from a previous post) to see a pic of her during her first day of school in Abilene.  Its just too cute to pass up. 


Hannah Anderson said...

So excited for Sof and you guys! I know it's such a relief to have found a school. It will be tough at first, but you know Sofia will LOVE it! The girl was born for school! She loves to learn and explore! I cannot WAIT to see the pictures. I'm praying!

Vanessa said...

Yay!!!!! I told the family and all the kids just smiled!!!! Can't wait to see the pics of Monday!
On another note....did y'all feel anything from the earthquake in Chile? That's a little too close to you for us.
Praying for you guys.

Nat Nat said...

My precious girl is growing up!!! You guys have been such amazing parents and she is proof of that! I cant believe she is going to school...and that she's going to be the cutest and smartest kid in her class...and that she'll be the perfect student and teacher's pet just like her aunt Nat Nat was...(not including collage days):) Love you all!!! Cant wait for pictures and a full report!!