Saturday, March 13, 2010

Answered Prayers

Just wanted to share a few ways God has answered some specific prayers. We have a team of prayer warriors and I specifically wanted to thank you guys for your continued dedication in praying for our family and our work here in Lima. God has heard your prayers and we are so thankful.
  • Just the other day I was reminded that I needed to get SPECIFIC with God. I really wanted to be intentional about praying for specific things in my life and in my kids lives. One of the things I prayed for was a good Peruvian friend here that I could truly relate to. Well God was quick to answer that prayer. I met Christina a while ago at Sofia's ballet class (she was one of the moms) and you honestly would not believe it if I told how much we have in common! God was so good to not only good to me but also to Lee and our kids when he brought us together. Christina and her husband good English (which helps me out some :) and Daniel is a lawyer and Christina works part time at their daughters school (Daniela is Maddox's age and Adriana is Sofia's age.) They are so kind and supportive of our work and I could go on and on but I'll just leave it at... God answered me beyond what I had hoped for.
  • On Friday I was going to pick up Sofia and I had an invitation to her birthday party that I had not given out yet because Sofia and I hadn't seen the little girl she wanted to invite. On the way I prayed that God would help me find the mom so that I could invite her. Sofia and I have run into this little girl on several occasions and I was convinced it was for a reason. This little girl was so sweet to Sofia the first time she met her at the uniform store when she figured out they were both going to the same school. This little girl wore glasses and had metal braces on both of her legs. She was seriously adorable and between the little girls physical disability and Sofia inability to speak Spanish there was an obvious connection and I feel in love with that little girl for trying so hard to be Sofia's friend. Ok, so here is the awesome part of the story: I was walking to the door yesterday with the invitation and saw Alana's (the little girl) dad coming down the sidewalk. I'm sure he thought I was a little weird because I darted towards him in a little sprint and quickly told him I had been looking for him or his wife to make sure we got this invitation to them for Sofia's party. He looked at me and then said "well we were looking for you guys because we Alana has this gift for Sofia from her class party yesterday but since they aren't in the same class she wanted to make a special for Sofia." I SERIOUSLY almost cried. It was a pink-painted pen holder with Sofia's name on it and had candy inside. It was already neat that I had finally found them after school but God decided to put a little icing on the cake and had him looking for US too!
  • Obviously from my posts about Sofia's school search you probably can imagine the stress that was going on here at the Fletcher household, yikes!! Anyway, our prayers were truly answered with San Jorge. This school is not only perfect for Sofia but perfect for our family. Sofia LOVES school and has really gotten into the groove pretty smoothly. I prayed God would just really make this transition for her smooth and that He would let us feel so peaceful about our decision. I have not turned back ONCE. I only feel happier and happier that we chose this school. Tonight Sofia was getting ready for bed and I noticed her uniform was out on her desk. I asked her why it was out and she said "oh, I thought I had school tomorrow?" I said "no Sofia, tomorrow is Sunday." She just looked at me and said "oh man!" I couldn't believe what I heard. She is truly at peace.
  • In about 2 hours my in-laws will be pulling into our garage! We are so excited and we prayed (and continue to pray) that our kids relationships with their grandparents on both sides would not be hindered by distance. From my mom's visit and then anticipating the Fletchers getting here it has been sweet to see their relationship with their grandparents just grow and truly become fonder with absence. Liam might need some extra prayers because he won't get the same opportunity as our other kids did but I won't talk about that now because I'm sure my mom is reading this and I don't want her to cry :)
Well lots more exciting things going on that I will post more on later but I just wanted to share quickly how God has been answering some specific prayers recently. Thank you again for the prayers.

John 14:13-14 (NIV)

13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.


Nana said...

God is good! What a sweet testimony to His loving kindness towards his children. your heart! I know you are going to have the BEST birthday party! Have a wonderful time with the Mimi and Pawpaw!! Love you mucho grande...

Kay Taylor said...

It's Kay Taylor, friend of your grandma, Marie!
Our son,Allen just arrived in Peru with the team of juniors and seniors from Westoverhills in Austin late last night. I think they are on schedule to meet your team today or tonight! Allen is tall and awesome!

Kevin said...

Hey guys what amazing stories. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. My wife and I were former missionaries in Ireland and are leaving for Portugal in May. Your story made me worship a little as I thought back to the things that God has done in our lives and will do in the future. Thanks for sharing.

The Watsons said...

So glad you have met Christina. That is wonderful, and I know she will be blessed by your friendship tremendously, too. God is good! Miss you girly.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs. They are so real and straight from the heart. Happy to hear that your prayers have been answered and that life is less stressful in your household now. Sandra Pierson