Sunday, March 21, 2010


One of the really cool things about the Peruvian people is how good many of them are with children, our children in particular.  Many Peruvians, both men and women, have shown amazing levels of patience and have often times displayed their love for children in wonderfully kind ways.  One great example of this was Maddox in his soccer class.  In short, Maddox had two rather challenging classes in which he cried and whined his head off.  His coaches, or profe's, however, handled him amazingly.  I assure you much, much better than I would have.  Here are some pics of that interaction as well as some other random goodies.


The Watsons said...

Steph...the bottom two pictures of Sofia with Liam are so cute! She is precious, as are the boys! :) Hope yall are well. Glad to hear the people there are so good to yall. That is great!

Vanessa said...

Love all the pics!!!!! All of the kids are so cute!