Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sneak Peak of Pics of Sofia's Party

Until Lee gets a link with all the pictures of Sofia's party on our blog I thought I would post a "preview." It was a DOOZY of a party and I'm still recovering (so is our house!) Sofia had a blast and I got to know a lot of the mommies so I guess it was "mission accomplished."

Towards the end we just put in a princess movie and it was a hit!

Maddox watching Cinderella with the girls


We had a girl come and do face paint and she was awesome!

Our Little Prince stealing food from the table (hey at least he was going for the grapes!)

We had 3 tables outside-one for nails, one for hair and the other for face paint (thanks to all my girlfriends for helping you gals were awesome!)

The tiaras were the party favors

Just another table decoration that we had to assemble with hot-glued-on candy

Sofia's Cake- oh and "no" I didn't make this one

The food table-have you ever seen so much pink & purple in your life?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a party fit for a queen - or lots of little princesses! Way to go Steph and Lee - Sofia will remember this for a long time. BNutt