Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our First Race as a Family of 5

A few weeks ago Lee and I took the kids to the mall and a boy with down syndrome came and asked me if I wanted to sponsor a person to run in a special olympic 5K. Well, needless to say he didn't have to ask me twice and I got some money out of Lee's wallet. He was so precious and was so excited that I had actually said "yes." A lady with the same group came and asked me some other questions and I had to get Lee to tell me what she was saying and next thing I knew he was filling out a lot of paper work and was handing me a number and a shirt. Ok, so my Spanish isn't that good yet but MAN, I didn't know I was signing up to RUN the 5K. No wonder he was so excited :)

Last Sunday we geared up the 3 kiddos in the jogging stroller and headed off to the race. We got there as the gun went off and Lee and I just took our time. We walked some, ran some and mostly just got stared at for being in a race with a stroller and oh yeah... one with 3 kids inside it.

It was a perfect ending though to the race. As we came in almost last, Maddox and Sofia ran in with some clowns from a children's hospital, I was holding Liam and Lee pushed the empty stroller. The entire crowd cheered so loud and Maddox looked at me and said "Mom, they are ALL cheering for me!" He was so excited and it was worth the entire HOUR!!!

So we have completed our first race in Peru and it was for a wonderful cause.

I am hoping to actually start training (and not just rolling out of bed) for a women's 5K in April and then I was invited to train with some ladies at the US embassy (I don't think I can keep up though) for a 10K in May. Lee and I have committed to doing it as well as a friend of ours Amanda (ok Lee & Amanda it's officially on the blog now so we have to do it:)

Here are some pics we took after the race. Oh and it was so cute because they gave all the kids medals too.

This picture was taken right as we walked up to star, oops


Holly said...

Awesome!!!! Love it!! Way to go Fletcher Fam!

Amanda said...

That Amanda girl must be insane! Too bad for her you committed her through your blog and she can't back out now...

Oh. Wait.


Curtis said...

Way to go Fletcher family! Can't wait to see you guys in action :) I'd do the 10 K with you if I'm there in time...
Love Tricia