Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time with Mimi & Pawpaw

Just recently we were so blessed to have Lee's parents come and visit us for their spring break. We cannot complain as we have had 10 days with my mom in Feb. then got to see my in-laws in March and will hopefully get to see all of them again sometime this summer.

Probably one of the hardest things about being on the mission field is having to take the kids away from grandparents but I have to say that the quality time they do get to spend when they come is priceless. The kids gobble them up the entire time they are here (and vice-versa.)

We honestly didn't do much site seeing as, their main purpose was to just love on the kiddos. We did get to visit a beach just a couple miles from our house, eat in some fun restaurants, plan and implement a birthday bash and just hung out together. Here are a couple pics of our time together.
Pawpaw helping with table decorations
Mimi helping with the crowns
The table before
The table after
Pawpaw and Sofia flying kites at the beach

Mimi telling Sofia a story (Sofia was concentrating SO hard)

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