Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter

I hope tomorrow is a wonderful reminder of Christ and that because of Him we have been set free! I have to admit that I get caught up in the whole Easter bunny, baskets & Easter egg hunts (is there any holiday I don't get "caught up" in???) but it's also a precious time to remind ourselves and our kids why we celebrate Easter and the resurrection.

Tomorrow we will be having a pretty large crowd (25-30) at the house for a meal, an Easter service and then an Easter egg hunt at the park across the street. We are really excited and pray God uses our time together to bless the Peruvian people that we have been meeting with. Please pray for our time tomorrow if you think about it, we will be starting at 1:00pm.

I will make sure and post pictures from tomorrow but for now I leave you with some pictures of Maddox's Easter party at school. It was so cute! The only bad thing was that we were suppose to bring a decorated carrot to school on Tuesday and I thought it was for Wed. So, Lee dropped off Maddox at school and came home saying "uhhh, Steph we were suppose to have a decorated carrot for Maddox!" I freaked out and Lee got the hot glue-gun and we came up with our carrot in about 2 minutes and ran it back up to school. We were pretty proud of our carrot until we saw them all on display at the Easter party. Man, these parents go ALL out. Check out the carrots below and Maddox's is the one with the blue spiky hair.

P.S. I've never requested anything via "the blog" but I thought I would this time because well, I just can't pull this one off alone. Next year I would LOVE to have a huge Easter egg hunt in our park for all the neighborhood kids/hopefully our growing congregation BUT they don't sell plastic eggs here in Peru. They mainly just do chocolate for Easter. SO.... if anyone would find it in their heart to go when everything goes half off and just grab some eggs or any non-perishable egg filler, I would be so appreciative! Oh and just email me if you are willing to do this and we can figure out how to get them here. Thank you so much, I promise to report next year on the First Annual Gargantuan Peruvian Easter Egg Hunt!

My sweet little bunny
He waited ALL day to see the Easter bunny and was SO excited
Wow, the creativity just kills me!
Check out these carrots
Maddox's is the one with the blue spiky hair
Just a random picture of Sofia and Maddox

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Amanda said...

I think his carrot fits in perfectly! Great job on the fly!

I hate to say it, but I think I might be one of THOSE parents that make a carrot airplane...whoa!

Hope you guys have a fabulous Easter! Cant wait to see pics soon! See you Monday!