Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Visit

I will try to make this as SHORT as possible but there is SOOOO much to tell! Last Friday we had two friends from Abilene, Melody Hunt and Jackie Beth Shilcutt come visit us and left this morning. We had a fun and packed week. It was so fun to have them be a part of our lives, taking kids to and from school, meeting our Peruvian friends, being part of our Sunday gathering and so much more.

They were a huge help in so many ways. They played with our kiddos, loved on them, watched them show off their "tricks" and even went with us to endure the worst circus I have seen in my entire life (I'll let Jackie Beth expand on that.) They came with us on Tuesday to the school we work with and just jumped right in to help. They brought these kids pencils, erasers and I will let the pictures speak for themselves. They brought two HUGE suitcases full of goodies including two huge blocks of colby jack cheese which I'm sorry to say we have already finished :(

I know I've already said it but it was just a blast having them be a part of journey here in Lima. They have been huge prayer warriors for us and I love that they will be able to picture the people that they are praying for. I've asked each of them to write a "guest post" to put on our blog. I'm taking a chance here :) but I thought it would be fun for whenever people come to visit, for you (the reader) to be able to see our ministry and Peru through their eyes. So... if you plan on coming to visit (which I hope you do) you have been warned:)

Here are some pictures of our week. Thank you again Melody and Jackie Beth, for everything.
P.S. I will explain our involvement with this school on another post.
This was the first BIG activity at the school and ALL parents participated in this Sports Day. We had NO idea what to expect but now we know for next year, BUY THE TEAM SHIRT!!! This picture was the parents doing their "entry" as a cheer team and Maddox got lost in the crowd so as daddy is clicking away Maddox is crying and being brought to me.
So Lee took this picture and we both DIED laughing. He was just taking a shot of the crowd and didn't realize the close up he was getting of this SERIOUS cheerer and what in the WORLD am I doing in the back ground??? I guess I got caught up in the moment, HAHA
Sofia and her "best friend" Marcela. (Don't worry Texas girls she still says yall are her "bestest friends")
Sofia got right in the middle of the crowd and cheered with the best of them. So proud of her!
Melody and Jackie Beth
Bryan-The deaf boy I met the first day at the school. Jackie Beth brought him a dry-erase board so we didn't have to write our letters on the desk with our fingers. MUCH easier. His face was priceless once he finally understood that he could take it home!
Bryan with that priceless grin
Melody quizzing Mercedes (the little girl) what the colors were in English
Jackie Beth just jumping in and helping Lee teach the fruits in English
The kids showing off their new erasers & pencils. One kid said in Spanish "WOW, what richness" They were SO grateful. Thank you to everyone who helped get those here!

The class waving goodbye
The steps we had to climb to get to our friends house, do you want to complain about having to walk ANYWHERE?!
All of us before the circus started, waiting with such excitement
Liam, also waiting to enjoy circus. If only he knew...
JB and Sofia at the end of the circus. If only we had seen the sign earlier

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Holly said...

what a fabulous time it looks like!!! Ryan and I can't believe how much Liam looks like Maddox in the close up. So glad Melody and JB got to come and I can't wait for my turn next week!!!