Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Weekend In Chosica

This past Saturday we went to a town about an hour away called Chosica. We went with a Peruvian couple (Rocio & Carlos) and their son Valentino. We had such an amazing time getting to know them better, watching our kids play and communicate beautifully and eating some amazing food. This place is in the middle of nowhere by a river. It's a hotel with a pool but also has pony rides and LOTS of playground equipment. There weren't too many people at this place so we got to pretty much have the place to ourselves.

That night Carlos and Lee were in their rooms (the kids had all gone to sleep) so Rocio and I sneaked out to get tea at the restaurant and somehow ended up in the Karaoke room. Oh yeah and did I mention that we were the ONLY ones in there. It was SO funny and we ended up doing a few songs for the one man audience (he was the one that worked the machine and I couldn't even get him to crack a smile!)

Here are some pictures of our weekend and I obviously have no shame since I'm going to put up the ones of me singing. Just for the record though I had NO idea she was recording me with her cell phone until half way through the song! Anyway, hope you at least get a laugh out of it.


Megan said...

OK, Stephanie. I know we don't know each other too well, but you are an absolute hoot! Your singing video cracked me up. I am just praying that they will have Karaoke at our retreat in June now. :) Really what made me laugh the most was the guy that wouldn't crack a smile. He was sitting there thinking, "If these crazy loons weren't here I could do my own thing." It made me smile--BIG. And I loved hearing your friend laugh in the background. Relationships are such a sweet thing, and God certainly smiled on you guys during that weekend.

Holly said...

Nice, really nice. I too loved that she was laughing so hard at you. You definitely need a friend that can laugh at you:)

Rocío said...

Steph insisto que esa no es mi cara se me ve demasiado fea, por suerte no se ve el diente roto jajaja pero pareciera que he tomado mucho licor y casi no tengo ojos....
En serio fue un lindo fin de semana muy familiar y especial.
Por cierto cantas muy bien y y pronuncias el ingles perfecto mejor que yo jajaja.
Sorry Liam no sabia que irias a internet.
La fotos son bellas y nos traen lindos recuerdos.Un abrazo para todos y gracias por esa linda amistad.

Soledad Verano said...

I loved the playground pictures!! Is it possible for you to mention the exact name of the accommodation you and your family went in Chosica?
Thanks a lot for your help!! I look forward to your soon reaction.
Best regards,