Saturday, May 08, 2010

Liam is 7 Months OLD!!!

Liam Pierce Fletcher 7 months
So maybe taking a picture with matching shirts wasn't such a good ideaWow, look at those droopy mouths
Of course the one good one I got was blurry :(
I cannot believe our little boy is 7 months old. I feel like I came home from the hospital with him 2 days ago. It goes by so fast. He is absolutely adorable and smiles ALL the time. He loves getting Sofia and Maddox's attention and they get a kick out of making him laugh. Here are a few milestones/facts:
  • He eats mango, avacado, spinach, green beans, carrots, squash, apple, pear & papaya (all homemade and he loves it)
  • He waves his arms and does this funny breathing thing if we don't feed him fast enough
  • He FINALLY rolls over (though he doesn't do it much) and sits up for longer spurts
  • He waves bye-bye or chau-chau every once in a while
  • He laughs and smiles ALL the time
  • He has to have his blankie and pacy to go to sleep (though lately he's been spitting his pacy out a lot, so I don't think breaking him of that is going to be too hard)
  • He loves to be held or sit in his bumbo on top of the kitchen counter
  • He absolutely loves our Senora Meche
  • He is precious and already is showing a TON of personality
I know this is such cheesy stuff for most of you reading this blog but hey, when you have grandparents and family that live across the world you have to give details!


nana said...

Precious precious Liam...oh how I miss my Peruvian grandchildren! The pics are great! Keep eatin' that good food Liam! love you, nana

Kim W. said...

Liam eats great, or at least it sounds like he does! How awesome! That's how Jack was, but not so much Jake. Hoping Jolee Kate follows in Jack's footsteps and is a good eater! Anyhow, cute cute cute boys, Steph. And hey, I am loving Maddox's hair! He is so handsome!