Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mothers Day In Peru

Well we have just finished two days of school programs, early dismissals, song practice and gift making ALL for mothers day! Here in Peru Mothers Day is like a national holiday and I LOVE IT!!! Both Maddox and Sofia had school programs and after their programs got to come home and not have school the rest of the day. It was insane! Maddox and I went to his school on Thursday at 9:30 and they had a big white tent sent up with tables and drawings hanging all over that our kids had made. Each class did a program then we ate nice snacks together. The kids all gave us a hand-made gift and then we all danced together. It was SO cute, minus the part where Maddox threw a fit because he didn't want to be inside waiting to perform, oh well.

Yesterday was Sofia's program. ALL the moms waited outside the school doors and when we walked in we were greeted with a little corsage and again a HUGE white tent with a stage and all. Each class performed songs and dances. It was adorable. Sofia was SO in her element and just stood up on stage shaking her little hips and singing the song. Pretty sure the funniest part was that when she would practice at home she would sing the song, which was in English, with a Peruvian accent. I guess because she was learning from a Peruvian she felt like she had to sing it that way and it was awesome. I have it on video but don't know how to transfer our big camera videos on here so that one will take some time figuring it out but in the meantime I have some pictures for you.

This has been an incredible mothers day week already! I'm am so blessed to have 3 awesome kids. The only thing that would make Sunday even better would be to spend it with MY mom and MY mother-in-love (she's not really an in-law just a second mom.)
I love you Mom and Sue-Sue, you gals are the best and I feel so blessed that God placed me in your tummy mom and 22 years later in your family Sue. Ok, that just sounded a little weird but you know what I mean right?
Happy Mothers Day!

A mom from Maddox's class, Juliann was so sweet and held Liam during the whole show and put him to sleep! I just LOVE her son's hair!
Check out my sweet boy in his cowboy boots, he wears them EVERYDAY!
All the moms were Wonder Woman
My little Crocodile
Maddox was really into the song, what a performer!
Some of the decorations the kids made
A couple of the mom's from Maddox's class
So... I know this picture is blurry but I HAD to show all of you this little boy Claudio. He is precious and he is the little boy that Sofia has talked about since day one (at least until I made just a tiny joke about it and now she WILL NOT bring him up :() Her first crush. The first time I met his mom we both talked about how much our kids talked about each other, so cute!
A couple of Sofia's classmates after the program
The blue-eyed girls
Can you spot the two American kids?


Vanessa said...

Wow!!!! You certainly don't see all of that in the USA for Mother's Day!!!! Looks fun.....& I love all the pics! You go Wonderwoman!!!! Happy Mothers Day sweet girl!!!

mom said...

What a wonderful celebration. Mom's certainly deserve it! You are such a great mom Stephanie! I feel blessed to have you as my daughter. Love you!