Friday, June 25, 2010

The Frazalatera Results

We would like to start off and thank EVERYONE who helped donate to the Frazalatera. It was an absolute blast to see God work and might I say He worked FAST! Within just 5 days over $1500 came in and we ended up with over $2000. It was incredible to get to be a part of this First Annual Blanket Drive.

After we got the money in, the guys quickly went out and bought the blankets then we organized the "passing out" of the blankets. We decided as a team that this would be a great example to show all the Peruvians that come to our gatherings on Sunday to be "church" to others. So... we rented a huge bus, all met on Sunday morning and drove up the mountain together. One of the families that comes to our gathering helped organize the drive since they lived on the mountain and boy did they organize! They brought in all the people into a building to introduce us and tell everyone why we were there. We sang a song and were off to hand out the blankets.

All of our kids got to be with us on the mountain as well as Lee's parents and grandma. They were ALL troopers and it was so neat for all of them to be a part of this experience with us.

Again thank you to ALL of you who helped. A lot of people asked to donate after we had received all the donations we needed. No worries though we will be have a toy drive in December!

This woman took Liam and walked quite a ways down the mountain. At first I was freaking out that Lee handed my baby off to a stranger but then I just fell in love with her. She has one of the prettiest faces I have seen, she is precious
Liam loved her too
Lee in the bus giving a little "talk" on the way up the mountain
Sofia and Mommy (with the blankets in the back ground)
The fam (and Wes) after getting all the blankets into the garage
Sofia helping load the blankets onto the bus
The blankets getting unloaded into the garage
Justin and Maddox helping unload the blankets
Maddox was such a big helper

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The Watsons said...

Steph...Maddox is one handsome little guy! LOVE his new haircut. Makes him look even older! Sure do love keeping up with yall via your blog. Love ya girl. Keep doing a great's awesome!