Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Fletchers/Grannie's Visit

Mimi, Pawpaw and Grannie (Lee's Grandma) came and spent the week with us. We had an absolute blast and wore them out! The kids had so much fun performing, showing their grandparents all their new tricks and getting spoiled.

I am seriously the luckiest daughter-in-law EVER! Not only do my parents have an incredible relationship with my in-laws but it spans to all of our and their extended family. It's pretty unusual to have your parents hang out with your whole "in-law side" of the family but that's just how we role. All that being said, I also have a wonderful relationship with my in-laws. I just feel like one of them.

It was so relaxing to have them here and they literally just did everything that we do in a normal week. Several times Grannie looked at me and just said "I don't know how you do it, you should write a book!" It made me feel good since she raised three wonderful daughters herself but I told her it wasn't always this crazy:) I think she was mainly referring to the time when I was driving in terrible traffic and Maddox was going to tee-tee in his pants so with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a cup to Maddox (who was in the back seat) it all got taken care of in a swoop!

There were a few more stories like this but all in all we kept it pretty tame :) These 3 were absolute troopers the whole week. They got to unload, load and unload (again) the blankets for the blanket drive. They ALL climbed up the mountain (Grannie, you were incredible, I'm still talking about it) and just fit right in with all of us distributing blankets. Everyday they helped us get the kids to school, pick them up, take Sofia to ballet, went out to eat with teammates and Peruvian friends, went to the market, the grocery store, the mall, shopped, helped with team church, our first English class in our home, came to my exercise classes and SO much more. Oh and did I mention that they trekked here with 5 LARGE suitcases full of goodies (and their clothes of course :)

Well I wish I could go on and on about our week but I better stop before it gets to be an extremely long post. Thank you for everything yall did Mimi, Pawpaw and Grannie, we miss you already!
Eating lunch at Pizza Hut after a hard days work
The Boyz
The Fam
We all got invited to our friends Rocio, Carlos, Gustavo and Claudia's house for dinner, SO FUN!
I might be bias but does he not have the cutest smile you have EVER seen???
Maddox and Pawpaw playing at the park
Liam and Pawpaw snoozingThe GirlzThe Girlz again
Pawpaw, Liam and Mimi (do you think they were happy to be reunited again???)

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Olivia said...

I totally never understood why old people want to pinch little babies cheeks until recently, I see Liam and other babies around and they are so adorable that I wanna give a little pinch!!! LOL....ok, so I'm weird, I guess. The kids look so happy. You guys seem super busy. But I know you like living life with tons of people around. One day I might show up on your doorstep! Who knows?!!