Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday Sweet Liam

Our big boy is 8 months OLD! It seems impossible! He is becoming quite active and is getting such a fun personality.
Here are is stats:
  • Yesterday at the doctor he weighed around 8 kilos (sorry you have to figure out the math) and Lee couldn't remember his height or his head circumference but he was in the 50th percentile for his height, 25th for weight and 50th for his head (go figure, all of our kids seem to have large heads :)
  • He is FINALLY sitting up and rolling over but most of the time he is just pretty content sitting up and playing with his toys.
  • He might be our first shy kid. Every time we play with him or others come up to him he digs his head into our shoulder as if he's hiding. Who knows I might be totally off but that's just my impression.
  • He's waved bye-bye twice though I don't know if he's actually doing it for real or if I'm just catching him at a great time. He has also started saying "ma, ma, ma, ma" Though it might not be "mama" I still get a sense of pride every time he babbles and that comes out.
  • He absolutely loves getting attention from Sofia and Maddox
  • He loves to eat ALL fruits and veggies. The doctor told me we need to start giving him beef, chicken and turkey now. Ah what??? I think I will wait.
Well that's about it. We our loving watching him grow and become an active little boy. He is absolutely precious and I'm pretty sure I got another "mamas boy." Love it and love that he is so layed back. We are blessed, again.

P.S. We are at a retreat in a different area of Peru and the internet is pretty terrible so I could only upload one picture but tomorrow I will post the rest of the pictures.

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Holly said...

happy 8 months Liam!! love you and miss you sweet boy!!!