Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July- Part A

Last night we got to go over to our teammates, Wes and Stacy, for a birthday party for their son Derek and a fourth of July celebration! I was really excited because the 4th is one of my favorite holidays EVER. I have such fond memories of family, fireworks, hot summer nights, concerts in the grass under the arch in St.Louis, my dad staking out our area 5 hours before the show and so much more. A couple days ago we received an awesome box with a bunch of 4th of July stuff from our friends (thanks Starrs.) Our kids had a blast wearing their star-shaped sunglasses and figuring out where to hang our star lights. It was SO special to have holiday stuff right there in my kitchen! For a minute there I thought I had made a trip to WalMart or Target, HA!

I was pretty sad yesterday afternoon when my family skyped and I saw all of them together (including my in-laws) and got to talk to my friend Amber for the first time since we left. It was an emotional phone call but I was also SO grateful to be able to see all their faces and hear their voices. Sofia was excited to see her girlfriends Emma and London and they acted silly together on the computer.

When we got off the phone Sofia looked at me teary-eyed and said "I don't like Peru, I want to go back to Abilene!" OUCH! It was the first time since we've been here that she said that and my heart broke. She continued on and on about wanting to go back. Lee and I decided it was time for a family walk and a picnic so we took off. As we were walking Sofia brought it up again and you could tell she desperately wanted to understand. She finally looked up at me and said "Mom, I guess there was just too many people in Abilene that know Jesus so God told us to come to Peru so Jesus could love them!" All I could do was smile. I was SO proud of her in that moment. Not that I believe what she said about Abilene but I DO believe that God "told" us to come here so that we could tell the Peruvians about God's love. I just LOVE the simplicity of a child.

At least for the moment she is satisfied and though she misses her friends and family terribly (as do we), she can move on knowing that "God told us to come here."

We ended our night at Wes & Stacy's with some spectacular homemade fireworks. I was SO impressed and SO excited to get to have a hamburger, be with close friends and see some fireworks. OH and we even got to share bluebell ice cream. Yeah that's right, a friend of mine got some from the embassy, it's the ambassadors favorite ice cream! Who knew?!?

I hope you all have a happy 4th of July and go see some fireworks for me.
P.S. Part B will be my next post
I don't think Liam was enjoying the whole wrestling thing
One son crying, the other laughing SO hard
I mean that is almost like my 4th celebration in St.Louis
Sofia & Parker gearing up for the loud noises
John Mark and Mark with Kellan and Sofia
Liam in Daddy's papoose
Maddox & Parker watching fireworks
I am NOT even lying, Wes made these fireworks
Lee & Liam wrapped up warm, never knew what a cold 4th of July was until last night
Our kiddos in their 4th of July gear

Kase, Liam and Corban. Man! Those boys are cute
"Dargh", "Dargh", "Yeah"


Nana said...

way to go...make nana cry! We are missin' you like crazy but know you are doing the work God has called you to. Sweet Sofia! Can't wait to come in October! ohhh that sounds too far off! love you!

Holly said...

Oh, I missed all of that in our call yesterday. Sweet Sofia. She's one smart cookie and we miss you all so much but are so proud of you and the sacrifices that you're making to share God with others.

Tell Wes, WOW. That's almost unbelievable!