Saturday, July 10, 2010

Liam is 9 Months Old!!!

Liam Pierce is 9 months old (on July 5th that is.) I seriously can't believe he is SO big, it seems like yesterday that I was holding him in the hospital all groggy :)

He is truly a happy & layed-back baby. Although this last week hasn't been too "layed-back" with him crying around the clock, he finally got his first tooth. Obviously it proved to be a painful process that I'm not looking forward to again (unfortunately there will be a few more coming through soon.) Other than teething he loves to eat, drink out of sippy cup and play with Sofia and Maddox. He absolutely ADORES them.

Not much to report except that he weighs 8.5 Kilos (around 18.5 lbs) and is long (not sure what 71 is but the doc said he is in the 75th percentile for height.) Our boy is long and skinny. He's not crawling yet but were getting close. He seems to be doing everything like Sofia (slow and steady.) Gotta love him.

This is what happened when Sofia and Maddox played dress-up with Liam. Sofia even put makeup on him (no, that's not a rash on his face), what a trooper!

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