Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Peters Visit

I JUST found our SD card that has A LOT of random pictures and the ones from our time with the Peters!!! I was so devastated because I couldn't find it but no worries, it has been found. Anyway, I wanted to share about our wonderful visit at the end of May from our good friends Trish, Curtis and their son Lucas Peters. They are Canadians that work in Cuba. We met them at language school in Costa Rica and quickly became friends.

WOW! After spending a few days talking to Trish and Curtis about their life in Cuba, I have NOTHING to complain about. I wish I could tell you some of the stories but it would take too long and honestly I'm not sure how "safe" it is to write about their stories in Cuba. I mean seriously! The stories were funny, sad, shocking and just plain odd. Not to make it sound all bad though, they do really like it and are doing some awesome things there.

We had so much fun taking them around Peru, watching their son Lucas and Maddox play (it was seriously adorable because neither one of them have many friends right now and they just clung to eachother, we even kept Maddox out of school for 2 days just for some good-ole playtime), ate some great food and just enjoyed some fellowship with some precious friends.

We hope they come back again next year when they have to leave for visa reason :) (hint, hint.)
I only have about 2 pictures of our time together but Trish took a ton! It might be a while though till she gets enough internet access to email them to me:)

Lee took this while we were at the park with them. I know it's not of them but Trish was one of Liam's prayer warriors during my entire pregnancy. She was in Costa Rica when everything happened with Levi and she has been such a strong hold for me. It was an emotionally moment when she saw him for the first time. We both got teary-eyed.
Here we all are after a great breakfast at Mango's (we take all of our visitors there, it's awesome!) Most of the kids aren't looking but oh well. The cute blond is their son Lucas
This is for you Lucas. He LOVES VW's. I mean the kid is obsessed with them! So when we saw a truck AND it was a VW we HAD to take a picture. If your parents can't download this for you buddy, let me know and I'll email it to you.

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness it is so sunny in that picture! how did you get that much sun in the winter!? i never remember it not being cloudy when i was there a few years ago!