Thursday, August 05, 2010


So I have been reading a book called "Grace-based parenting" and I have really liked it. I'm only on chapter 2 but I have only skimmed one other parenting book in my life so I think I'm doing pretty good to be on chapter 2 (might explain a few wrong-doings in my parenting journey :)

Anyway, the kids tonight were wanting to talk about grace again and what it meant. The last few days they have been using it quite a bit with each other or in their prayers. Maddox has had to drink quite a bit of vinegar (for talking back) lately so tonight in the car he said "mom, I want to talk about vinegar and grace." I about died laughing but I would like to think that my kids are somewhat catching on. Anyway after that Sofia said she wanted to talk about Jesus dying on the cross and what that meant about grace. So she went on for 5 minutes about all kinds of stuff dealing with grace. I was pretty impressed with some of it and for other parts I almost peed on myself so as soon as we got home (about 30 minutes ago) I asked to video tape her idea of grace and well.... here it is:



Nana said...

Precious precious precious! OH I LOVE THAT GIRL! What amazin' grace God gives. Thank you for taking the time to teach your babies! Love you!

Holly said...

thanks for that lesson this morning Sofia. Boston and Boone and I watched it first thing this morning and we loved it. We miss you and love you!!! Boston, Boone and Holly

Carisse Kay said...

This is adorable!!!