Thursday, August 05, 2010

Liam OH MY GOODNESS- 10 months old

I seriously cannot believe that my little baby is 10 months old! Ok, he's not a little baby, but.... he is!
Here are his stats-
He has a half of a tooth :)
Weighs 9 kilos
Drools a ton
No, he's not crawling
He eats pieces of food by himself
Drinks from a sippy cup
Says "ma-ma, da-da and bye-bye"
Waves to bye and chau

Went to the doc yesterday and he scolded me for the fact that he is still not crawling (not really scolded, but told me I was holding him all day like a monkey and that was the reason he was not crawling!)

Oh well, he is a precious boy that is pretty layed back. Anyway, I just love him and so do Maddox and Sofia. They fight to hold him, love on him and feed him. He is well loved in this family.

Happy 10 months sweet boy!

PS don't miss the video of Sofia below it is HALERIOUS!


Holly said...

happy 10 months Liam!!!! (I am dying laughing about the monkey comment. Got to love the way Peruvians just speak their mind.)

Nana said...

ok cheetah! put that baby down so he can crawl! hahaha! That video is totally hilarious! It is a MUST SEE!! love you!