Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Saturday, Oh My Goodness

Yesterday our family got to go to a BEAUTIFUL club with our good friends Daniel & Christina. The day was perfect. We went about 25 miles out to this park that was sunny, had a train ride, pools and we grilled out. Our kids played, swam, jumped on these huge jump castles and it was awesome.

Lee and I had our English class to get back to at 5:30 so we left at 3:30 to have plenty of time to get home and get the house ready. About 25 minutes into the trip (that would have been halfway home) everything went WRONG. We got into a line of traffic which we didn't think anything of it because at some point you ALWAYS hit traffic. Well... 15 minutes after sitting in the same spot being SWARMED by flies and the most awful smell you have EVER smelled, I decided to investigate.

Our friends were right ahead of us so I ran up and asked them what in the world was going on. There was a huge water truck that had broken down in the middle of the road. Long story short- no one was going anywhere soon. We were literally stuck in our car from 3:30-7:45!!! Yes, that is what I said over 4 HOURS!!! Our 3 kids were angels till the 3rd hour and then Liam got restless, Sofia and Maddox had to tee-tee and everyone was hungry. Just to give a little glimpse- Maddox tee-teed in a bottle, Sofia tee-teed in a diaper and well I was hurting SO bad I tee-teed in a diaper TOO! Did I seriously just post that. Oh yes, I did. I had to make sure y'all could picture a little of our car ride. Anyway, here are 3 SHORT clips towards the end of hour 4 when we FINALLY got to a slowly moving road. I just thought you would get a kick out of narrative of the videos and listening to the kids and the horns.


Rocío.- said...

wouu eso pasa por no haber ido conmigo...jajaja. Lo siento se que eso es horrible.

Carisse Kay said...

Oh my goodness! So i know this must have been terrible for you...but I laughed so hard at "i peed in a diaper too, did i just post that?". Oh steph. You're too much!

Holly said...

LOL, that is CRAZY!!! I can't not believe you posted that (oh wait, yes I can:) Love you guys! Glad you made it out safely.

Jody said...

That was very entertaining in the hospital. I think being here was way better than being there. Thanks for your fb message. We are on the up and up but will stay a little longer. Good thing we like our drs and friends have come by. Camden and I might have climbed the walls together :) Take care, love you all.

Anonymous said...

I have three words for you. Oh. My. Word.