Friday, August 20, 2010

It's The Small Things

Today the sweetest thing happened at Maddox's school and I just HAD to share (and brag on Maddox a little too:)
At Maddox's school there is a young man named Victor who is the guard/gardener for the school. Since Maddox has been going to school there he has made it a point to say hi, give Victor 5 and for a period of about two months asked him when his birthday was (boy do I wish I knew sometimes what goes on in kids heads.) It quickly grew to a sweet friendship. Every morning Victor waits for Maddox and everyday Maddox can't wait to see Victor. Some days it's a long conversation and some days it's just a quick 5 but never do they miss.

Well today was FINALLY the day, Victor's birthday. Yesterday was "parent/kids date day" so I took Maddox on his date and Lee took Sofia out for her date (Liam doesn't get one yet.)
Maddox and I went shopping for Victor and it wasn't hard because he knew EXACTLY what he wanted to get him-a flashlight. Of course, I mean what else would we get him:) We got it and wrapped it up. This morning we left for school early and went to the bakery to get two slices of cake and a soda for Victor.

When we got to the school Maddox could barely stand it, he was SO excited. He got Victors present, his card and his snacks and ran up to him. Victor just looked at him and said "oh did you bring something for your class?" (this already brought tears to my eyes, Victor had no idea.) Then Maddox in his perfect 3 year old Spanish said "No, Victor it's for your birthday!" (I translated for you:)
Victor just stood there as Maddox opened up his card and showed him the drawing he made, opened up his present (good thing Victor didn't want to open up everything by himself :) and could NOT contain his excitement that now Victor had his own flashlight and then told them that there were TWO pieces of cake (I think that was his hint to Victor that maybe one was for him :)

Victor gave him a huge hug and with a huge smile he just said "thank you so much, I have no words, I am so grateful."

When he said that he "had no words" I about let the tears go. This kid was SO appreciative for this small gift and that someone remembered. I looked at Maddox skip off to his class and was SO grateful that God gave me a son that has a heart for people like Victor. I know Maddox made his day and I couldn't be prouder. I think sometimes I forget how important it is to do the small things. I always pray that people see Jesus in my kids and I pray that Victor might come to know God someday, I think God has a little helper in Maddox :)

PS I will post a picture of Victor later!


Holly said...

Maddox, you're such an awesome kid. I know you made Victor's day! What a sweet boy you are and we are so proud of you for thinking of others and ways to make them feel special. You are special my friend!! Love you, Holly

Jody said...

Did you want everyone in tears? That was precious. God does amazing things in children and they express Him in beautiful ways! No wonder God wants us to be like children. I pray my kids won't let fear inhibit them and that they will learn to be like Maddox. Great parenting, by the way. Must be doing something right!

amyhaus said...

I hope no one walks into my office, because not only am I not working, but now I am crying. So sweet!