Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Celebration

Yesterday was an extremely exciting day for the Kingdom!!! Once every 2 months our 3 small groups that meet in homes get together for "Celebration Sunday." It's a time that we unite together as a larger body to worship through song, prayer and reading the word.

Yesterday we welcomed two Peruvian brothers into "the family!" Edgar who has been studying with Wes and who is evolving into a true leader (you can read more about that story on their blog and Luis- a young man that works on the Thompson's street and who we have all come to love. Last night was just full of joy and I think that for our team as a whole it was truly encouraging. To see Edgar and Luis proclaim the Name of the Lord and to watch as when they arose from the water their faces as well as the people standing around them were so joyful. Though I was fighting a fever and was pretty sick last night, I HAD to hoop and hollar. We truly feel honored to be able to be here in Lima and watch seeds being planted and roots taking shape.

On a slightly different note:

Lee and I prayed for a long time before coming to Lima that, if it was His will, that we could work with a group of young adults as a part of our ministry as a family, that He would make that happen. God was so faithful. Between the English classes we have on Saturday nights, the youth nights once a month, Gabby spending the night every other Saturday (she lives pretty far and comes to our gathering every other Sunday) but it has given us time to really bond with her, Luis coming to sleep at our house in the afternoons (he works all night), Christian, Tabby etc.. feeling comfortable just stopping by, Lee studying weekly for a test with Alex our prayers have been answered beyond what we could have imagined.

There are so many stories that I wish I had the patience or time to write about that Lee and I have been blessed to experience since we have been here. Countless names that we would love for you all to lift in prayer (we are in the process of making a video that will hopefully give you a face with a name.)

Lastly I would like to urge all of you reading this to join our prayer team this month in specific prayer for: "The people of Lima to come to know God in an intimate and real way. Pray that we are bold in sharing the amazing peace of God's love and that souls are saved in Lima." This was written before we left for Lima to be prayed for in September. Funny how God has perfect timing.

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but of a spirit of power, of love and self-discipline."
2 Tim.1:7

People here rarely get their picture taken so when everyone was taking pictures this girl asked to take one with me. I just thought, "oh man, I feel terrible and pretty sure I look like death but... sure:) She was brought to the celebration by her brother-Antonio, who Lee and I met in our neighborhood washing cars. He is now studying the Bible weekly and does not miss a Sunday gathering. He even has started to bring his mom, siblings and nieces/nephews

The baptistery-we do not play around :)

Flor-who works with the Davidsons and Meche-who works with us came and were all smiles.
Anyone recognize the little lady in the background? She's the one we posted a picture of with Liam. She came and when she saw Liam she started to get tears in her eyes. I don't know what it is about her and Liam but they have an amazing connection, he adores her.
Some of the folks that came all the way from Villa Maria (About 25 kids and adults took a bus to come to the Celebration from "Paradise Mountain Gathering")
My favorite part of the picture are the expressions on the faces behind Wes. Could there be more joy?
I don't think so.
Edgar being baptized
Luis being baptized- I love the fact that all the kids were surrounding the tub able to see God's work in action. Maddox said tonight he was ready to get dunked, just got to love him.
Embracing Luis for the first time as my brother
Liam & "Nana"-don't worry mom, it doesn't literally mean Grandma here:)


Holly said...

Love, Love, Love these pictures. You guys are doing such amazing work there!!! I'm so proud of you guys! Love and miss you all! H

Anonymous said...

So good to read all the work that is taking place in Lima.We praise God for the new lives, the friendships, and all the ministries where the people of Lima can see God. Kids are so cute! Fredy

Anonymous said...

We can see the blessings you are sharing with these wonderful people. What a great gift God has allowed you to share as you embrace each one and welcome each one into your family! We miss those same hugs and smiles, but we know that God's plan has been realized in your ministry there. The Roses spoke again this morning in class about their trip to see you and what a joy each day was as they walked your walk... Joe and I send lots of hugs and kisses!!! Love, Kaye