Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Well, we survived! Today we had our church meeting at 10:30 and then had a friend stay for lunch, reset the living room and got ready to host Sofia's school costume party. The actually celebration was something called "Cancion De Criolla." Don't ask me what it means but Sofia performed at school (you can check out the last post to watch her dance) and they celebrate this in conjunction with Halloween.

One of the parents asked if we would host the party and without thinking through it all I said "SURE!" I will have to say that besides a candle with hot wax crashing all over some pillows and the floor it was a great night. There were around 30 kids and tons of parents. One of the mom's busted out into a clown outfit and completely STOLE the show! She entertained those kids and it was great! I'm thinking about hiring her for Maddox's birthday party next year:)

During the party MASSIVE groups of kids/adults were coming to the door asking for candy but it was too hard to try and manage the people inside my house and the people outside. SO.... I just would yell out "no, sorry!" Well little did I know that sweet Maddox was sneaking candy out to all these groups and handing them ALL candy one by one. He went out with two pumpkin bags and kept going out everytime the doorbell rang. When I finally realized what was going on, I went and said "buddy, we have to go back inside because this candy is for the kids at the party, their parents brought it." He looked at me and said in a sad voice "but mom those kids don't HAVE ANY candy!" Oh man! I quietly told him "ok, just go and grab some candy off the table and just come out here and hand it out from the gate." I watched him for a minute give each kid a candy and told them in Spanish to "hold on, be patient" when the kids started getting rowdy and pushing each other. He had handed almost all the candy and I told him it was time to go in and he no wait I have one more and it's for that lady back there. I didn't know which one he was talking about and he kept pointing until this quiet lady finally came through the crowd and he placed the candy in her hand. He hadn't missed one. I have never been so proud of him. He is adorable and God has blessed him with such a gentle and giving heart!!!

Here are some GREAT video clips of the evening (I actually haven't been able to even watch them or edit them so hopefully their great:)as well as some pictures. Hope you all had a WONDERFUL day!
Oh, just so you know people here yell "HALLOWEEN!" instead of "trick or treat!"-not sure I can get used to that. Just sayin!

Marou reading a story to the kidsNot sure we could have fit many more people in our house:)
Doing the limbo!
The Girls
The food tableLee and our little cowboy
The front entrance
Maddox, Sofia and Liam (this was after the party and they were all 3 SHOT!)

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Holly said...

Ha, ha, this was great!! I loved the ones of Maddox and Lee dancing, ha! You guys know how to throw a party for sure!! HALLOWEEN, everyone!