Friday, October 29, 2010

Happenings Around Here...

I feel like there are SO many things to tell you all so here are snippets of what has been going on-

Today Sofia had her "Cancion de Criolla" party at school. The Peruvians celebrate this in conjunction with Halloween. To be honest I'm not sure what all this holiday means but I do know that she has been practicing a certain song for weeks, we had to rent an outfit for her and well this is what she performed in front of the school:

Just a side note that she was the ONLY child wearing a bright colored skirt because of a few misunderstandings. Before she left for school I cried once and pretty sure I said a few not so pretty words (don't worry I wasn't around anyone) because I was TRAUMATIZED that she was wearing the wrong skirt (for the record this was not our fault but oh well) and that she would be the only one that looked completely different. Needless to say that Sofia cared LESS. She in fact told me when I picked her up that she liked being in a different skirt, she "stood out." I just LOVE that girl. Here is a picture of her practicing before the show. She LOVED singing around the house in Spanish, I don't even know half of what she is singing :)

Sofia was recently chosen to be in a pasta add for Peru. It was a really funny experience and Sofia had a blast. The pictures came out recently on their website and then in stores. I am NOT down with the ghetto hairdo they gave her (I'm serious, just look at it and you will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about) but besides that it was fun and Sofia LOVED that she got to take us out to eat on her earnings. After she paid she turned to us and said "well... aren't you guys going to thank me for dinner?!?" I almost fell out of my chair laughing but it was also precious to see her so excited about getting to treat us. Here are pictures of the add but they aren't very clear:

Ok, so I have much more to write about but I am EXHAUSTED! So much to tell you about new friends, a new biblestudy with some awesome girls, Maddox and his asthma and all the fun Halloween parties we have assisted but I will blog about those later:)


Holly said...

Ha! I am laughing so hard at all of this. Sorry you were crying, but Sofia looked so cute (and out of place, in a super confident, precious sort of way:) Love you guys! You ROCK it all Sofia!!!

Cuatro-Mom said...

I heart Sofia's hair in the pasta is ghetto fab:)