Monday, October 11, 2010

Liam is ONE!!!

Our sweet Liam Pierce Fletcher turned ONE on Tuesday, October 5th. It's hard to believe that it has been a year since I went to the hospital to deliver Liam, a year since we said goodbye to friends and family and almost a year since we have been in Peru!!! Wow, what a year.

Liam is one of the most "chilled-out babies" I know. I know I might be a little bias but it's true. He is crawling around like crazy, pulling himself up, babbling like crazy and LOVES to flirt with the ladies. He still doesn't have much hair but were holding out for some curls:)

The party was a blast and my parents got here in the nick of time. We arrived from the airport around midnight, stayed up till 2:00AM and then got up the next morning RUNNING. Taking kids to school, shopping for last minute items, decorating, putting toys together, picking UP kids from school, dad made the cake, mom made the cupcakes and finally 5:00 rolled around.

It was so fun having family, Peruvian friends, teammates and even some people we met for the first time that night:) All in all the party was a success with even a sweet friend (Valentino who is 7) surprising Liam with a little magic show of his own, it was SO cute.

I think my favorite part of the party was to see how my parents interacted with Liam as if NO time had passed. My dad who had not seen Liam since he was 4 weeks hold took to him like they had not missed a day, it made my heart sing. Mom has already taught him a few tricks and I know there last two days here will mark more memories to hold us off until the next time we get to be together.

Happy Birthday Precious Liam. We love you so much and we feel SO blessed that God gave us another incredible son. Love, Mom and Dad

The drink table
The food table
The Cupcakes
Check out the tiny monkeys on the cupcakes, they were SO cute.
Luis trying to help Liam pull his pinata down (didn't quite work)
Liam just hanging out in his birthday chair watching the show
"I'm ONE and I WILL eat this piece!"
"Yummmm! Soso and Nana made some GOOD cake!"
We did NOT mess around and gave that boy a HUGE piece for his first taste of cake
Singing Happy Birthday & Feliz Cumpleanos
Liam was thinking- "why in the world are all these people singing so loud in my face!"
"The Cake"
"What is going on here?!?"
Ok, so maybe the babies weren't too fond of the magic show:)
The older kids though, LOVED the show
Here is Valentino doing his "magic"
Liam's friend Kase-he was THOROUGHLY entertained by the party:)
Maddox and Parker
Jakob and his cupcake
My stations were: watching Curious George, Play-doh & coloring (I know, super creative:)
The party
Maribel, Jose, Brian and LiamMark, Liam & Zach (a friend of Mark's that came to visit him and they came over to party with us)
Geta, Liam and Carmen (our sweet "grandmas" next door)
Liam & Meche
Liam & Luis
Mel, Liam & Las
Before everyone left I gave them all a banana (since it was a party for a little monkey:) The pictures were HILARIOUS!

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine that Liam is one already. Thanks for sharing the pics so we can experience the fun. I still have the pic of Ryan holding him as a newborn in our green chair! BNutt