Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Parents Visit

We just had an INCREDIBLE time with my parents. They got to Lima late on the 4th and we didn't go to bed till around 2:00am! We then turned around and got up at 6:30 to get the kids off to school and prepare for Liam's party! It was SUCH a precious moment when my dad saw Liam for the first time since he was 4 weeks old. Liam is at that age that he is a Mama's boy and I loved watching him go easily to both my mom and dad, what a blessing.

The kids jumped into "grandparent-ville" as if they hadn't missed a beat! Sofia & Maddox dug in their suitcases for prizes, took them to the park, showed them all their toys, played doll-house and even had a Nana & Soso slumber party.

About half-way through the trip I got pretty sick so it was so nice to have them here to help with the kiddos. We had to skip out on a few things but all in all we stayed on track with the schedule (yes, I did make a schedule.)

The best part of the trip (besides the daily interactions I got to watch with my parents and the kids) was the fact that my parents got to be a part of some of our work. We took them up the mountain to visit a lady that had recently lost her baby, they got to be a part of our Sunday Gathering (which my dad actually did the "talk" that morning and it was incredible and my mom taught the kids which was a nice break:), dad got to go with Lee to meetings, bible studies and even to soccer. We took them around to meet some of our friends and just had a blast. We also did a TON of eating! Though I have to say that between climbing stairs on the mountain, taking Liam on a FOREVER walk trying to find a Starbucks and having mom participate in our yoga class, they DEFINITELY deserved to eat the awesome food here in Lima.

We made A LOT of memories while they were here and though being separated for so long is NOT fun it also makes the time we have together so precious and unique. It truly builds a special bond with our kids and our parents and for that we feel blessed. Until next time...

P.S. Thank you Mom and Dad for such an amazing time and spoiling us with your time, food, prizes and love. We love you guys a ton!

The whole gangThe gang minus our wonderful photographer (Lee)
Nana, Soso & the kids-again, can you just SEE the personalities shining through?
Nana, Soso & the kiddos
Me, Meche and Mom- The Triple "M" Threat
Dad, Meche and Mom-Pretty sure they wanted to take her home with them and vice-a-versaI was running a fever during this picture (hince why I can barely open my eyes) but we had a great breakfast at Mangos
I love this picture because it portrays my kiddos so well. Gotta LOVE those Fletcher kids
Nana with Maddox and Sofia
Nana & Liam

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Holly said...

These pictures are GREAT!!! What a precious time and memory. Nana and Soso, you look so happy and beautiful with those gran-babies!