Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sofia's Ballet Recital and Last Day of Kindergarten!!!

This has been a week FULL of school shows, ballet recitals, report cards etc... It's so hard for Lee and I to think that Sofia is actually DONE with Kindergarten. She has done absolutely amazing and Lee and I couldn't be prouder. Sofia speaks Spanish like she's been here for years (in fact Peruvians say she's more Peruvian than they are:) We just got her last report card tonight and she has gotten A's and AD's (advance with distinction) in all her 97 different areas of evaluation (if you think were kidding, were not!) Oh wait she did get one B I think in posture, haha.

She had her Christmas show tonight and sung her little heart out! We have it on video but are having a hard time transferring it so we'll get it on the blog later. For right now enjoy these pictures of her ballet recital that was a spoof off of Alice and Wonderland and more.

Sofia's friends-Paula, Makarena and Almudena. Precious girls!Sofia and her teacher Miss Marita (Sofia ADORES her!) Last day of school:(
Sofia trying to pose seriously for a picture, I almost died laughing:)
Mama and Sofia after the recital
Ok so I know it's all about Sofia and she looks cute in this picture but check out this hunk of a husband of mine! That's what I'M talkin about!Sofia and Parker after the recital (Tara & Parker came to watch Sofia)
Sweet Daddy giving her the flowers with Maddox
Nothing like a Daddy and his little girl
Maddox couldn't WAIT to give Sofia her flowers:)
"See ya"Look at that little sassy thing in the back!
She's the second little girl. I always got Sofia and the little girl in front of her confused:)
She's was so cute up there, like a big girl
Sofia's teacher-Ursula


Nana said...

What adorable pictures!! LOVE it!! can't wait to watch videos of her dance recital!! CANNOT WAIT till you get here!!!!!!
love you!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness, she looks WAY too big!! I can't believe all the milestones that she just experienced. Yea Sofia!!! You are the bomb, beautiful, diggity!!! That's what I'm talkin about.!!!!