Friday, December 17, 2010

Maddox's Last Day of School

Maddox's last day of school was today.  He had his Christmas show last week and he did SO good!  He sang a bunch of songs in English, haha.  Don't worry we video taped that too but it will have to go up later once we can figure it out:)  
Today Sofia got to join him on his last day and they both had a blast.  His teacher, Miss Shirley and her helper Miss Elly have been a real blessing to Maddox and our family.  He loves them and in turn he has loved going to school.  His evaluation with the director of the school and his teacher went great.  They were very complimentary of him and said so many sweet things about Maddox.  Lee and I sat there so proud of our little boy and felt blessed that with all the changes he had this past year that he was not only able to overcome but to REALLY grow a ton.  He is so precious!  

Walking onto the stage
 Sweet Boy waiting to start his show

 Maddox and his recycled Christmas Tree
 Maddox and Miss Shirley
 Miss Shirley and Sofia
 Maddox and his classmates
 Maddox and Miss Elly
 Sofia and Miss Elly


Holly said...

Whoop, whoop Maddox. Way to go!!! We are so proud of you! I want to see a bigger picture of your recycled tree. Looks impressive! Love you and can't wait to see you in 7 DAYS!!!!

Amanda said...

I MISS YOU TERRIBLY! When do you come back? I know you're loving every minute of being back in the states!

I NEED to see you ASAP when you are back and settled.