Monday, February 28, 2011

The Parasite

So the past five days have been somewhat eventful in the Fletcher Family. Thursday morning at about 1am I woke up with extreme abdominal pain and had to wake Lee up. I could not move in any direction and because it was on my right side I decided I HAD to get up to start making our way into the ER (in case it was my appendix.) I moved pretty abruptly to get it over with and well... don't remember much after that, haha.

The next thing I knew I heard Lee running around and he kept saying, "Stephanie, stay with me, stay with me!" So at this point I was thinking "am I dying or something?" and "DON'T ask Lee to help in an emergency, the boy is making me nervous!" Because of having passed out, I couldn't open my eyes or talk but could only hear (I have to give Lee credit though because he said I looked like I had a seizure when I passed out, haha I can ONLY imagine.) Lee scoops me up and off we went into the car to the ER. For the next couple of hours I was so dizzy and kept feeling like I was going to pass out but the hospital wasn't doing anything for me and I was so tired and just wanted to go home to my bed. Lee had called Wes, our teammate and they both said I wasn't the best patient:)

After getting some blood drawn and them trying to make me poop and pee in a bed pan (which was NOT going to happen so I held it till I got home, I know I'm not stubborn at all:) we made our way back. I went in again about 10am to bring in a "special sample" a.k.a. poop sample and talk to the doc and left with nothing more than "well maybe it's just gas lady." Really??? If I took two trips to the ER and felt this bad for gas, my body and I are going to have a "come to Jesus meeting!"

All day on Thursday I didn't feel much better and off we went back to the ER at 10pm. This time I called two Peruvian girlfriends to help me man-handle the ER and BOY did it WORK. When things took too long they went and retrieved the doc, when they told me I couldn't get a sonogram because the guy had gone home (I'm sorry are we in an ER?) then they got the doc to call him back in, it was GREAT. Things moved quickly and we were finally ruling stuff out. The doc came in around 12am and said I had a parasite and needed to see a gastroenterologist. Awesome. All this for a parasite named garrdia (I have NO idea how to spell that.)

It's been a long weekend in bed but I woke up this morning feeling better. I'm ready to conquer the world, haha, not quite. I did a bunch of bloodwork on Saturday morning after my late visit with the gastroentorologist and should have all that back in today. I'm going to guess all will come out normal and that my stomach is just JACKED with a little friend named Garrdia.

No pics this time, gratefully no pictures were shot:)

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