Friday, March 04, 2011

Happy Birthday Maddox!!!

*** I just realized I hadn't posted this so please just pretend like "today" is March 4th, oops!!!***

Maddox turned 4 today, hard to believe. I honestly can't believe that my little boy is not getting so little anymore. He is absolutely hilarious and everyday is an adventure with him. Right at this moment his favorite things are- ice cream, watching movies (when school starts on Monday and we are back to our "no movies on school days" rule, he is going to have literal withdrawal symptoms:), playing with his friends and being a complete ham. His favorite things to play are guns, fighting monsters (shooting them), playing boat, playing in the playhouse his daddy built, holding Sally (our new dog) by one leg and swinging her around (we know this is NOT healthy), playing with his bow and arrow and anything to do with fishing Oh and did I mention he wears cowboy boots everyday so his nickname around town is "cowboy!"

One of the things I absolutely adore about Maddox is his genuine heart for people. He does not pass by a street beggar or someone that looks like they have a need without asking what we should do. One day he was literally in tears when he found out that this one woman lived on the street and didn't have a house to go back to. He told Lee "you need to get her one daddy" (meaning a house.) As his young age of 4 (still hard to type that) he has seen a LOT of poverty and it has just been a natural thing for him to want to share. I LOVE that about him.

He loves to lead and he loves to be "the helper." If you give that boy a task to do and say it to him in a army commander voice then he is ON IT. He loves to get a rise out of people, hear them laugh and just get attention. I'm going to stick to all his positive qualities during this post because this is his birthday, but please don't think we don't have our moments:) I'm just choosing NOT to go there.

Here are some pictures from our fun day. We decided to take all three interns with us to this place about 45 minutes away that had a pool and playground stuff. We got back rested about an hour then went and ate at Pizza Hut with our team and then at the last minute Maddox begged to have Kellan come and spend the night so how could we say no on his birthday? We didn't, so now Kellan, Maddox, Parker (Sofia begged for her to come too) and Sofia are all sleeping the night away.
For his big day Maddox was specific in who he wanted, what he wanted to do and that there was blue cake. So... that's exactly what we did. My in-laws are coming here in about a week so we will more "formally" celebrate when they get here (though I think today TOTALLY satisfied him, he's pretty easy:)

We love you Maddox Samuel and are SO blessed that God gave you to us 4 years ago today. I still remember that exact moment when you came out and we found out you were a boy, we were OVERJOYED. Thanks for bringing so much joy and laughter into our lives. Most importantly we are so grateful that God gave you a heart to love His people. We pray God nurtures that Love and sensitivity in your heart to help serve others.
Happy birthday, we are SO proud of you.
Mom and Dad

A show performed at the place we were at and the kids and the 3 interns got to take a picture with them (Taylor, Kyle and Jenny)
Lee, Sofia, Maddox and Kyle fishing in the creek
Love that sweet face
Maddox canoeing down the slide-it was SO funny!
Kyle (one of the interns here) and Maddox (He had asked if "his friend Kyle could come with us for his birthday)
Wes after he ate Maddox's blue cake, HAMaddox listening to everyone sing Happy Birthday
His blue cake (never claimed to be an artist:)
Maddox blowing out his candles on his cupcakes
Maddox and Sofia getting a horse ride

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Holly said...

Happy Birthday Maddox!!! We love you so much and are so proud of you! You are such a sweet hearted boy, full of life and love. We miss you so much and hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love you, Ryan, Holly, Boz and Boone