Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day and Sofia's Heart Surgery Celebration

This past February 9th marked two years since Sofia had her heart surgery. We just had her check up two weeks ago and she is doing awesome! We feel so blessed that her heart is totally healed. We celebrated with some red cupcakes but we also love that Valentines (because it's a holiday all about hearts) is always right around the corner of the anniversary of her heart surgery.

Last year we had a little tea party so we decided to keep up the tradition and have the team girls over for another Valentines tea party. The girls made cake cookies with one of our interns-Taylor (I'll introduce you to them in another post:), dressed up like princesses, we read two books on princesses and ended with taking valentines and some of the cookies they had made to our neighbors. These 3 girls are HILARIOUS separately and even MORE so together. I love watching them play and listening to their conversations on their pretend cell phones, AH! I feel so blessed that Sofia has "two little sister" that she can have over to play.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of their tea party:

The three girls listening attentively as Taylor explained the cookie-making process:)
Their Valentines they made for each otherRegis with Parker, Sofia and Cailyn
Regis and Luz with Sofia (we met them when we first got to Lima, they own the Kodak shop down the street and we have grown to love them so much. A little like surrogate grandparents)
Cailyn, Sofia and Parker all in their ballet outfits and their aprons
The girls primping before the tea party started
I'm not bias or anything but are these 3 not cutest things you have EVER seen?!?
The Valentines Table
Taylor making cookies with the girls

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Nana said...

precious precious girls and precious memories. What great things you are teaching them. Love you sweetheart! MOM