Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So instead of going on and on about why I haven't written, I thought I would just start posting stories. I have A LOT to post so no need to waste time on why I haven't been able to post:)

I would like to introduce you all to Sally:

Yes, that's right folks we are now the owners of a small dog (notice I did NOT say PROUD owners:) My sweet husband promised Sofia a "pet" a few months before we moved to Peru. He thought it might help with transitioning.
Those of you that know me KNOW I am not keen on pets. I love them from afar but prefer NOT to take care of them or have them in my home. When Sofia informed me of Lee's promise I figured we were going to be able to get around this, one way or another. Well, we didn't. After over a year of begging and pleading Lee broke down and bought them this Shitzu (I honestly have NO idea how to spell that.)

When Lee and I bought the dog I kept on asking the lady questions like: "so how often do dogs eat a day?", "will she bark?", "where does she sleep?", "does she poop and pee outside by herself?" Pretty much it was the first time I have been sold something here in Peru and the salesperson almost changed their minds. I have no shame to say I know nothing about pets and truly had no desire to learn. I'm still cleaning dirty diapers from Liam, I had no desire to clean poop off the floor. Don't get me wrong I have had pets before in my life but lets just be honest, my dad ended up taking care of the two we ever owned.

Well here we are two weeks into adopting Sally and Sofia tells Lee "dad, this was a LOT harder than I thought!" Guess Sofia is learning one of those "life lessons" early. The kids have done their fare share of cleaning up the poop and pee (unfortunately I have done more of that than I had hoped) but all in all she has been a fun distraction around the house. We will soon be potty training Liam and Sally at the same time. I have to admit though there are moments I like that little rat-looking dog and the look on Sofia's face and hearing Maddox's scream when they saw her for the first time, made it this experience worth it (at least for now:)

Liam and Sally out for a joy ride
Liam-seriously contemplating which way to go

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Olivia said...

OHHHHHH!!!! Sally I LOVE YOU! Gracey would be your bestest buddy ever. Don't listen to Stephanie, I saw her snuggle with Gracey once. LOL. I used cheese to train Gracey and gave it to her whenever she went outside. The key is to take them out a lot, especially right when they get up, which I am sure that is very easy for you because you have nothing else to do! You can do it, she will be a good doggie, I can tell.