Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Sofia! (And a few pics of their duo birthday party)

This past Tuesday, March 15th my first-born baby girl turned 6 (tear.) For some reason I am stuck on her being 4 and I'm not sure why. I guessed I really liked that age, haha. She got to have her aunt Nat-Nat, her Mimi, Pawpaw and her Nana here!!! It was unbelievable! I'll tell you in my next post why Nana got to be here and why I got to go home on a surprise weekend to the States this past weekend:)

Sofia got her BIG party last year (and they only get 1 of those) this year was Maddox's year to have a big party. Because our parents and family were here we decided, once again, to have a combined party. Maddox is SOOOOO low maintenance that he didn't want to invite his friends from school and was completely content with a jump castle and water balloons. Sofia got to invite 6 friends and really wanted face paint, so we combined the two and had a pirate/Little Mermaid party.

Our team, family and friends all got to be there and it was a blast! Maddox was in heaven going up and down the jump castle and then having a water balloon fight and Sofia loved playing with her girlfriends and getting her face painted.

I watched Sofia talk to her little school friends in Spanish and then turn around and talk to her American friends in English and I was so incredibly proud of our little girl. She has blown me away with her strength and perseverance this past year. She hasn't had the easiest year and has really missed her friends and family but she has also chosen to adapt to her life here and embrace it.

It's been amazing to me that she has truly become "my little helper" and loves to help with Liam. She loves to be in the middle of everything and wants to be a part of everything we have going on. She loves to sing and worship at church, LOVES bible class, loves to lead (sometimes also known as "bossing around") and has truly been a blessing and an asset to our work here in Peru.

Sofia we are so blessed by your spirit. God gave you a spirit to lead and it's been evident that at a young age of 6 you are wise. God knew what he was doing when he put your name on my heart before you were born, which means "wisdom." You are such a daddy's girl but you are also so good and showing me and your brothers that you love us just as much:) Daddy and I are SO proud of who you are and who you are becoming. Our prayer for you is that you always seek God, listen to Him and strive to love people like He does. Happy birthday sweet girl. We love you.

Gaby and Liam
Lee flying down the slide
Maddox going down the slide Superman style
Kellan flying down the slide
I'm not sure who had more fun on the slide, the kids or Lee
Sofia, wow...6
Look at those dimples
Liam the cat
Lee getting bombed by a bunch of little girls with water balloons
More pirate decor (thanks again Courtney for blessing us with all these awesome decorations, it wouldn't have been a party without you:)
Maddox and Caleb doing their pirate thing-arghhhhh
Sofia and her classmate Vera
The treasure boxes
Maddox's pirate cupcakesPirate sharks, worms and octopus
Maddox's Pirate tableSofia's Little Mermaid table

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Holly said...

We love you Sofia and are so proud of the beautiful young lady you are!! We miss you so much and hope that you had a wonderful birthday!! Love you bunches, Ryan, Holly, Boz and Boone