Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Surprise Trip To The States

Celebrating being together, Hope's birthday and her upcoming wedding! SO FUN!
Me and Courtney in disbelief over the size of her nachos!!!
Hope and I, as usual
Me, Hope and Courtney after the big reveal!

Our first, OF COURSE

Hope and I, reunited again...

The Girlz!
Nothing like a little shot of milk with warm chocolate chip cookies, this restaurant was AMAZING!

Hard to believe that three weekends ago today I was in the US. Yes, that's right, I was in good ole America for about 38 hours. I'm going to try and give you the quick version cause I would write a BOOK about my weekend!

Here is the story: A good friend of mine, Courtney called me on a Monday and we were just talking away about the happenings of Lima. We were talking about how one of my best friends from college was getting married on the one date out of the year that I wouldn't be able to go (well, were still working through that:) Next thing I knew she said "what if I flew you down this weekend to help Hope find her wedding dress since she is coming to Dallas!" WHAT?!?!?!?! I about fell off my bed! Courtney and Hope are friends as well and I could just imagine the weekend with those two girls, WAY too much fun! Long story short, after talking it over with Lee we decided it would be a great idea if I went. I was SO excited! We decided Tuesday night and I left that Thursday night late. My in-laws were coming in that following Monday for the kids birthdays and just to spend a couple of days with us. Usually I would have spent the weekend preparing, organizing, for both my family and for the birthdays etc... but this time it was just going to have to be a free for all!

Not only did I get to go to US alone, I got to fly FIRST CLASS for the first time in my LIFE!!! I got on that plane ready to enjoy every little freebie. I thought I would take advantage of the BIG pillow, bed/seats, down comforter etc... while I waited for the steak that was coming and next thing I knew I woke up to find out we were LANDING!!!! I couldn't believe it. Although I was sad I missed all the freebies, I couldn't believe I had just slept through an entire plane ride and SO WELL!!! I was in heaven, how would I EVER go back to the peanuts, plastic cups and my knees knocking on the front seat?!?

I got to Dallas and met my friend Courtney, we were BESIDE ourselves! How was it that a few hours ago I had been talking to her from Peru and here I was in her car on my way to SONIC! I felt like the luckiest girl alive. All day we just ate and relaxed waiting to surprise Hope. Oh yeah did I mention that Hope knew NOTHING about this! This was going to be a great surprise.

Hope arrived with her mom, aunt and cousin to the apartment expecting to just look around and see where they were going to be staying for the weekend. We had the video camera ready and rolling. It was JUST like a movie. Hope opened the door, saw me and sat there stunned and in silence for about 30 seconds and then started crying. It was PERFECT! I had just called her from my computer and told her happy birthday (her birthday was that day as well) and we had gotten off the phone about 10 minutes before she came in so she was SO confused.

The whole weekend we shopped, found Hope a wedding dress, went to Target, got everything we needed for the kids birthday party, ate really well and most importantly I had an incredible time with two precious and incredible girlfriends. Another awesome part of the story is that my friend flew my mom back with me on Sunday so that she could be a part of the kids birthday parties. My parents missed their parties last year and weren't able to come this year as well but with little convincing and short notice my mom packed up and came back to Peru with me to spend 3 days with us and the kids. All in all it was the most perfect trip I think I have ever taken. Little did I know until after that airplane ride, that I needed that weekend more than I knew. It was so good to get away, rejuvenate, sleep, be with girlfriends and just get to spend some time relaxing. Props to my hubby who agreed that I should go, worked and took care of the kids all weekend. He is amazing!

I have been trying to download pictures from the weekend and there is also an awesome video of the surprise that is coming. It's been taking forever to get the pictures on here so I decided to go ahead and post this and when I can figure out how to put more pics on here I will.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention and big part of the weekend... I got my NOSE PIERCED. No, I didn't have a mid-life crisis for all of you wondering. I've always wanted to and it was the first time in 6 years I wasn't pregnant or nursing so I went for it. I'll post a picture once I can figure it out.

Thanks Court and Hope for an amazing weekend! I will never forget it.


Kim W. said...

I love it! I can just see yall...38 hours of craziness for sure! Glad yall had such a great time! Hope you are all doing great!

Holly said...

What a blessing you were Courtney! I know Steph had a blast and I can only imagine Hope's excitement! So glad you girls had such an awesome weekend!

Valerie said...

Sounds totally awesome weekend for you & your girlfriends! Can't wait to see your pics of your nose piercing. I'm thinking of another tattoo once I'm done nursing (something to look forward to). Love your blog!