Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sofia's GREAT Idea

How could anyone have said "no" to these kids (though pretty sure lemonade or chicha stands are not too common around these parts:)
Here is our "store-front" of our new location
Sofia's hand-made signs

A few days ago Sofia had a brilliant idea. Her and Lee were talking and she got really excited about a lemonade stand. She had it ALL figured out in her mind. So, as all good dad's do, Lee and Sofia took off for the store. They decided to sell chicha (which is a common purple corn drink here.) They bought cups, the chicha and the craft stuff to make the signs.

Today they decided was THE DAY. When I asked Sofia what she was going to do with the money she said she would help daddy. She was referring to the trip he just took to the US and I had told her he was getting money for our new building. She and Maddox got all there stuff set up right in front of our new building (which is also in the middle of a busy shopping center) and sold themselves some chicha. They had a blast and I thought it was awesome that our kiddos were even getting involved in helping make this location into what were all hoping and praying it will be.

Love those kids and love how God is showing them some important lessons here in Peru.

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NANA said...

Is this deja vue?? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! LOVE IT!!!! You go Sofia, Maddox and Liam....I'll take 3 chicha please. Hugs and kisses