Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Little Glimpse Into Our Lives

I downloaded all the pictures I had been taking on my phone for a while and decided I could write a pretty cool post of some of the cultural things I experience on a daily basis. From everything from RIDICULOUSLY large birthday parties to the HUGE avocados that I can get in the jungle, it's an adventure here. Some things are funny and some things are sad but it's all meant to give you a glimpse of our life here. Obviously I'm not trying to make fun or talk badly about Lima because I have come to call this place home but I'm simply trying to to shed some light here. Welcome:)

Maddox-our dog walker (he goes around with bags in his pockets to pick up the poop because he WOULD get fined if they found any poo from Sally.)
Asthma-something we have had to battle with Maddox because of the air pollution
Swim class (this really isn't cultural but I thought this picture was so funny-Sofia and the big boys warming up for swim lessons:)
Liam has pretty much had some kind of fungus on his skin since we've moved here
Bicycles are motorized (not all of them but this is FOR SURE the first time I had ever seen this)
Huge avocados
Beautiful scenery within just a few hours in any direction
You get to hold monkeys!!!
Culturally being late is normal. This is me 45 minutes into a dance class where I was STILL waiting for my teacher.
Playboy bunnies and nudity is something we sadly face each day. It's so engrained into the culture.
Life-size characters at every birthday party
Live animals at birthday parties
Triple sandwiches (avacado, egg and tomato, it's heavenly!!!)
When Sofia had to get her heart checked I had NO idea it would look like something from the 80's (
Locking my purse down at restaurants
Santa Clause salsa dances at the parties

Jump castles, bigger the better
Unbelievable cakes (this particular one was hand-made by the mom
All of this is EATIBLE
Obviously this little boys name is Fortunato
Full on shows. At this one, it was an animal show
Face painting-Always a must


Holly said...

okay, I am dying LOL. These pictures are awesome!! How have I not seen the one of Sofia at swimming lessons or hooked up to the electric bed??? I my gosh, ha, ha, ha!!! Miss you guys so much!! I am laughing and crying:(

Olivia said...

Those birthday parties are ridiculous! That must cost a FORTUNE to do!!!! My favorite one is you with the monkey, you look so happy...but a little nervous!!! Love you!