Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Winter Your Summer

Us with Goofy. Oh and don't worry Liam leaned out of the picture cause he was a little scared:(
LOVED this picture. Maddox was beside himself to finally meet Woody!
The Cousins
Aurora and Little Aurora
Sofia and Alice
Airports have a way of breaking me down to using WAY too much electronics:)
Sofia and Snowwhite, I mean could it get any better
Got to spend one night by myself with my college girlfriends...SO FUN!
This was our camp-out zone when we missed our plane. We were there for longer than I care to remember.
Sofia's Zone
Two folks from our campaign working HARD to get water bottles off the top shelf at the super market. I'm telling you, they did ANYTHING to make things work smoothly. Just love them
A group of guys from the campaign giving our friend Elvida a little break from the rain with a tarp. The metal behind there is her home.
My house was FULL of food that week to feed the masses (or just 28 of them:)
Obviously there are no rules about taking pictures at this hospital. I just had to get a picture of the doctor telling Lee "oh wait sorry your hand IS broken." This was after the doc had been manipulating it and cleaning, OUCH!
Lee's finger after I FINALLY found him on the side of the road. What does this caring wife do? Say "oh hunny I have GOT to get a picture of that!" He's a trooper!

Hello Strangers! Just wanted to say hello after some time and let you know what has been going on. The last three months have been packed full and really exciting:)

One of the biggest things this summer/winter (it's winter for us) was our first campaign from our home church (Highland Church of Christ) and Westgate Church of Christ. They got here on July 1st and we had an incredible week with them.

The day they were supposed to arrive Lee had a motorcycle accident that morning. It was by far one of the scariest mornings I have experienced in Peru. After getting a frantic call from Lee saying (more like yelling) "I've been in a wreck, my bike is wrecked, I'm bleeding everywhere and you need to get here now... but I'm fine." Umm what??? Men- do not EVER call your wives like that, bad idea. I asked where he was and he didn't know (a little shocked I guess) so off I went driving like a MANIAC up in the mountain of Villa Maria. Don't worry, AN HOUR AND A HALF later I found Lee on the side of the road bleeding. Nice. Anyway, after some stiches and a cast he was fine and ready to finish things up before the group arrived:)

The week was full of work projects at the school in Villa Maria, random God-sent projects, awesome fellowship, great food and a little site-seeing as well. I can honestly say that I have not seen a group work so hard in my life. From the group of guys cutting trees and building a common area for kids to eat, to the ladies renovating an entire library and even down to the kids on the trip working there tails off it was unbelievable. They never complained and trucked along with the busy schedule.

I can't thank them enough for the encouraging words, their servant hearts and positive attitudes. Highland and Westgate, you left your marks here, truly.

The day they left, the kids and I flew to US. It was a little bit of a traumatizing trip after two pooping accidents (neither were mine) and missing our flight from Miami to Texas but we made it which is all that matters.
The kids and I had a blast spending time with grandparents on both sides. My final week there my parents, brother and his wife and kids, my in-laws and my sister-in-law all went to Disney World. Lee got to meet us for the final week of our getaway and we all had an absolute blast. It was honestly a dream come true for us to watch our kiddos see Disney. A precious friend made it possible for all of us to go and I can't thank her enough. Thanks C.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Lee's finger, some shots from the campaign and lastly pictures of Disney. Stay posted I'm writing two posts today, I know... it's a miracle:)

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